3 Best Tips For Women To Dress For A Ball

What comes to your mind whenever you think of a ‘ball?’ The general idea most of us will have is that of an elegant ambience, where high profile, sophisticated men and women dance softly to beautiful tunes, swaying their body rhythmically, women leaning their heads on to the shoulders of their male partners, hands clasped with that of each others passionately and two pair of romantic eyes looking deeply into that of each others fervently. This is the typical picture of a fairy tale ball that comes to most of ours mind.

Ball is not a usual dance party where we are free to enjoy to the brim of our hearts without being bound in any sort of restrictions. Ball is entirely a different concept. It is a more formal occasion, which demands the observation of certain decorum, than a casual one.

We cannot do whatever we like in a ball. Rather being invited to a ball is a prestige. It makes you feel valued and puts you in a niche stratum of the elites and the aristocrats of the society.

Therefore, more than that sheer enjoyment that we get in casual dance parties, ball is more a festival to celebrate. Thus the word ball, which means ‘to dance’ in Latin, being pronounced as ‘ballare’ and ‘dance’ in Spanish, from the word ‘baila’, it is looked up with much respect.

As a result you might get nervous if you get an invitation to a ball, as you have by now understood the gravity of the occasion. So, you must now be wondering what to wear, how to accessorize your dressing, what to do and what not to do in such a party.

Finally, out of anxiety, you might even decide to abandon the very idea of attending the ball invitation. But, do not worry. Here are some tips that will help you to dress and project yourself perfectly and elegantly at a ball.

Tip 1: The Clothing That Are Perfect For A Ball

The first thing that makes us tensed and anxious while deciding whether to go or not to go for a ball is the dress. Most of the people get confused thinking what to wear.

Since, the ball is more of a formal occasion with a hint of tradition, so, being too casually dressed in not right. Again, being too traditionally dressed can make you look the hero or the heroine of the 60’s opera! So, what to do?

For women, the simplest solution is that consider what sort of a figure you have. If you have a shapely, hour glass structure, then accentuate your thin waist and your developed butts by selecting a gown that have a fish tail style.

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Such a style is tapered towards the waist and fitted at the portions of the upper torso and the hip line. The style gets flared at the hemline, in order to highlight the beauty and the essential curves of your figure.

Women with too heavy butts but shapely upper torso can go for styles that are well fitted at the top but become flowing as they cross the waist line. Such styles of gown are more or less closer to the traditional ball room gown.
In case of women with bulkier figures, an A-line gown will be perfect. Such a style will not highlight your extra flab but at the same time give you a gracious look.

Tip 2: Color of The Dress To Be Worn And Regulations

What all the women must avoid is wearing too dark colors. Ball room dressing is the most perfect one when you wear colors like white, milky white, coral, ivory etc. But, you can be a bit innovative by wearing pale pastel shades like baby pink, light peach, pale lilac etc. Wear colors that derive from tones of red basically. Stay away from blues, blacks and greens.

Avoid wearing short dresses to a ball. It is a formal occasion. But it is a traditional dance occasion as well. So, it is best if you settle for long gowns rather than short ones.

Ball room gowns for women also do not permit off-shoulder dresses, tank tops or spaghetti straps. So keep aside your bustier that you planned to wear for your ball invitation. Again, too transparent a dress or a two piece will just not do for the occasion. Do not wear dresses that make your transparent bra straps visible or encourage the bra straps to peep out naughtily.

What you can do is that you can experiment with various types of necklines and sleeve styles. Do not wear sleeve less dresses too. But you are open to experiment with a range of several other sleeve styles like bishop sleeves, three quarters, bell sleeves, puff sleeves etc.

You can play with your necklines and are a liberty to wear deep cut front necklines that show some part of your cleavage. You can also wear low back dresses too.

Tip 3: Make A Smart Choice Of The Shoes

Shoes are the next integral thing that will complement your overlook look for a ball. If you are a dance freak and decide that most of the time you plan to spend in the ball, you will be dancing all the way, then select shoes with high block heel, or else your feet will be strained and start paining. But, for God’s sake, avoid flat sandals! They are best for your markets. They are not for the ball.

You can wear moderately high heels if you are not planning to dance all the while.

For those who have decided not to dance at all, you can be free to wear pencil heels or six inch blocks. You are not going to stand or dance all the while, so our feet will not suffer much by such shoes selection. You can go for closed ballerina shoes or ‘peep-toes’. But do not wear the totally open ones for the ball.

Whatever shoes you wear must match with your outfit, perfectly. They should be clean and well polished as well.

For the color of your shoes the best options are silver and pale gold. If you love the classic look then you can also try out those of your black pairs or the browns. But it is wise not to go for striking colors as you will go crazy in trying to match them with the color of your ball gown.

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