4 Easy Steps To Make A Tutu For Your Daughter

Motherhood is not only about how well you take care of your kids, how nutritious is the food that you serve them, how efficient are you at making your kids do their home works or how successful you are at making your kids learn discipline. Motherhood is actually a concept.

It involves a lot of things in it. A mother is successful only when her kids find a role model in her. She needs to be an exemplary figure in front of her kids. She is also supposed to be a friend, on whom the kids can confide upon.

A mother needs to be someone to whom kids can come running to let their hearts out and can find support and comfort when they need. If you possess all these skills, then only you can consider yourself as a perfect mother.

If you are the mother of a girl child, your responsibilities towards her are entirely different. She will try to see her own image in you and think to be like you when she grows up. So, you have to be extra careful in parenting a baby girl.

You have to become her friend, guide as well as mentor. According to your baby girl, you are someone, who has the knowledge of everything under the sky. Thus, next time when your baby turns up to you asking you make a tutu for her, do not be startled, thinking what on earth ‘tutu’ is.

This article will help you in knowing what a tutu is and how to make one for your baby girl. Actually, tutu is a term that is connected to dancing. Therefore, your daughter must be very fashionable right from her tender ages or she definitely loves dancing.

These are the two things that hint at her acquaintance with the term ‘tutu’. Basically it is a dress that is worn by the female ballet dancers while they are performing in stage. It resembles a flared up and fancy looking skirt, that has either a single layer or a double layer, with feathery appearance.

Things You Need To Make A Tutu For Your Daughter

Here is a list of things that you must keep in handy as they are the essential in the process of making a tutu. Arrange for really hard tulle fabric of about six yards. Get elastic taps measuring about one and a half inches and in length according to the waist line of your kid. Keep handy a scissor, measuring tape, sewing thread of matching colors along with artificial flowers, satin ribbons, stones, spangles, pompom etc. get a sheet of brown paper for plotting and a ruler.

How To Make The Tutu

There are certain step by step techniques that will guide you to make a tutu in some easy to follow methods.

Step 1- Paper Pattern For The Layout

Before staring to make the tutu, you need to create a pattern on a paper. Thus, go about it by making a paper pattern in such a way that the top of the pattern measures two inches. The extreme end of the paper pattern must measure four inches, just double the size at the top.

The lower end must be shaped like that of a lotus leaf or be conical. It will create a neat shape to your handmade tutu. The total length of the paper pattern will be equal to the measurement of the waist to the mid thigh length of your daughter.

Step 2 – Creating Fabric Pattern

Next step towards making the tutu is to plot your paper pattern on to the tulle fabric. For doing this fold the fabric in a single fold, in such a way that the two selvages on two ends of the fabric overlap each other. After you have folded the tulle, place the paper pattern, tip on tip, on the folded side of the tulle.

Pin it up, so that you can cut it smoothly along the edge and without messing up with the measurement. Now, cut the double layered fabric along the edge of the paper pattern. You need to keep seam allowances at the two sides of the elongated pattern.

Photo Credit: dorothyofoz.net

There is no need of seam allowance at the lower edge. The number of such fabric patterns to be cut will depend on the flair you want and also the size of hip and waist of your baby girl.

Step 3 – Stitching The Fabric

When your fabric cuttings are cut and ready to be sewn, stitch each of the tulle cuttings along the provided seam allowances, in such a way that the raw edge is inside. After you have finished stitching each piece together, they will look like round paper fan.

Now, fold strips again and you will get the look of a skirt. Next what you need to do is to insert the elastic tape from the exact centre of your tulle tutu. Pin up the fabric with that of the elastic, so that it does not move when you stitch it.

After this, give a run stitch just below the elastic line, so that the fabric becomes a loop, from where the elastic can be adjusted according to need. Give a second stitch to secure the first one more.

Step 4 – Finishing The Tutu Finally

Now, after this final stitch your basic tutu making is done. What is remaining is the finishing part. Pico the conical, wide edges of the tutu, that will get displayed over your daughter’s mid thighs. The pico stitch will make the fabric stiffer and help it to stand further.

You can put colorful pompoms at the extreme edges of each of the protruding parts. Affix a colorful satin ribbon, in two parallel strips, around the waist line. Pull them together and make a beautiful flower at the front with them.

You can further decorate the tutu by fixing small stones, spangles or sequins throughout entire length of the tutu. If will be even more beautiful, more fairy-tale looking if you can attach a big tulle flower at the middle of the waist line, at the front. Restrain from affixing anything very heavy, or else it will droop and will not stand stiffly as professional tutus do.

Photo Credit: momdot.com

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