4 Great Hair Styles For Thin Hair

Hair is an asset of every person. Every person desires to get thick and densely covered hair, but everyone does not get thick hair. And sometimes it also happens that a person who was born with thick hair starts losing hair due to environmental damages. Rarely can we control such situations, but in most of the cases hair loss remains uncontrolled.

So, if you have naturally thin hairs,or if your hairs are thinning due to some reasons,you can at least try to make your hair appear thicker and volumized. And if you want make your hair appear thicker, you can experiment with one of these haircuts according to your facial features.

Hairstyles For Women With Thin Hair

Layer Cut

Layer cut is a superb haircut for you if you want to add volume to your fine hair. Inlayer cut, the hairs are cut in layers, which create an illusion of very thick hair.

Layer cut looks good on any types of face, and it complements women of any age. If you have heart shaped or oblong face, you should start your layers from the top of your ears; while, if you have round, oval or square shaped face, you should start your layers from your chin area.

You can obviously choose a layer cut for your hair because, layer cut is very much in fashion now-a-days and it looks good on any hair textures. If you like short hair then you can choose shorter length layer cut, while, if you like long hairs, you can choose to cut your hairs in longer layers.

Shag Haircut

You can also add volume to your fine hair with a shag haircut.The main volume of the hair lies on the head. So, if you have naturally thin hair or your hair is thinning due to hair fall then you can hide your thinning hairline with this hair style.

In this hair style the hairs remain a little messy, and fringes are added, which falls on the forehead. So, if your forehead has become broad due to hair fall, you can hide that with a shag haircut.

Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a very good haircut for men with thin hair. If you are suffering from hair loss, then you can cut your hair short, because short hairs have less probability of breakage.

In a crew cut,the hairs on the head are cut by gradually increasing them in size from the back to the front. At the back, the hairs are cut shorter than the hairs at the front portion of head. And the hairs at the sides of the head are kept shorter than the hairs at the crown region.

Caesar Cut

Don’t be sad if you are losing your precious hairs, because you can hide your thin hair very fashionably with this super sexy haircut. This haircut is named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar because he is seen wearing this haircut in most of his images.

And in recent times, this hair cut has been popularized by men’s style icon George Clooney. In Caesar hair cut, the hairs are trimmed short on the back and on the sides, and the hairs on the head are cut in layers, usually ranging from the size of 2-5 cm.

Deblina Ray