6 Fantastic Ways To Save On Clothing – How To Avoid Shopping

We all love to shop however it is not always easy on our pockets. Considering the recent economic downturn it is impossible to spend endlessly on things that we would normally love to buy. For this reason I have put together a list if 6 simple ways to effectively cut down your expenses on clothes.

I love clothes that are reversible. These clothes give you a two for one offer. By reversing the sides of the clothes you can transform the outfit instantly. If you are looking for outfits in this style then ensure that you get one that has a solid color on one side and a print on the other side. This helps you to increase the versatility of the outfit. These days you can get reversible clothes in every article of clothing from swim suits to dresses and even gowns.

You also need to stock up on clothes that are timeless classics and those that can be worn throughout the year. Articles of clothing like the Little Black Dress, jeans, white shirts, a black jacket and a pencil skirt fall in this category. Investing in these items will help you to cut down on your shopping as they can be worn for several seasons and you won’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Don’t fell compelled to shop for only designer labels. Often stores like bargain stores and even thrift stores have plenty of options to offer. Not only do they have great varieties to offer in terms of clothes they also have great prices to offer. You don’t have to feel bad about turning down a pair of pumps or jeans that cost a fortune for clothes that can be bought at a lower price for a better bargain.

Your accessories can help you to save a lot of money as they help you to transform your look completely. Scarves for example can be worn in different styles with a single dress to give it a different look each time you wear the outfit. Stock up on accessories like chains, scarves, necklaces and other signature pieces of jewelry that help you to transform your look instantly. Accessories must be looked at as an investment as they help you to avoid spending on new clothes.

Face it! You are not always going to maintain your figure. Sooner or later you are going to change the size of your clothes. For this reason it is best that you buy clothes in a stretch fabric. Clothes that are made in polyester are great as they are stretchable; so if you happen to gain a few pounds you will continue to fit in your existing clothes. This is an easy way to save on spending money on clothes.

When you are buying clothes look out for garments and fabrics that can be machine or hand washed. Clothes that need to be dry cleaned can turn out to be an expensive affair and must not be your first choice for daily wear clothes.

So, here you are – 6 effective, easy and fantastic ways to save on clothes shopping.