6 Reasons Why Guys Isolate Themselves From A Girl They Like

When it comes to romance, dating and love, guys have their own rules and inhibitions to take care of. We have always known that it is men who pursue women of their interest, try to please them and win them over. For this purpose men mostly try to stay in close proximity of the woman or girl of their choice.

They also try to spend maximum or most of the time with the girl whom they like so that they can use every little opportunity to know her as well as impress her. But many guys exist in this world who go in the exact opposite direction of the normal phenomenon of pursuing the girl of their choice or liking.

These men start distancing themselves from the girl they like or fancy as if they are completely withdrawing themselves from the matter and the girl.

But why do some guys behave so differently, or shall we say weirdly? Is it a different strategy that they follow to attract the girl towards themselves? Or is it something else that pushes them away from the girl they like so much?

Well, to know more about this kind of behavior of men and to find out the reasons for isolating themselves from the girl they like, you need to read on further.

Inability to understand and handle own emotions

Men are often confused as to what exactly they want or what is right for them, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. So, a guy may withdraw from the girl he likes, isolate himself or distance himself from her if he is not sure about his own feelings for her.

He surely knows that he likes her but is it only that or there is more than liking in his attraction towards her or whether she is the girl he should and wants to settle down with are questions that bother him. So, he distances himself from the girl either to sort out the confusion in his mind or to simply ignore all these confusion.

Many times a man may not be willing to deal with this confusion out of sheer reluctance. They prefer to let their emotions and feelings remain as they are until they either subside or clear the confusion in his mind by themselves.

Uncertainty about the relationship

He may start ignoring or avoiding the girl of his liking because he is not sure of the future of the relationship. He may not be sure how serious he is about the relationship himself or he may be unsure how the girl will/does take him and the relationship.

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This again leads to confusion in his mind and as a result he becomes insecure and disturbed. He may not want to remain in this uncertain phase and disturb his tranquility and may therefore isolate himself from the girl he likes so much.

Fear of being rejected

The greatest fear that a man may harbor is the fear of rejection. This holds true for each and every area of his life. Being rejected not only hurts his ego but also does a great deal of damage to his self esteem.

Rejection in love or romance is something which men do not even want to think of. Because here it is not only the question of his ego or self esteem, it is also about his feelings and emotions.

Therefore, if a guy is not sure whether his feelings will be reciprocated by the girl of his choice, if he is not sure whether the girl will accept his interest in her, then he would prefer to distance himself from the girl even without trying to impress her just to avoid the pain and suffering of rejection.

He does not want to look clingy or needy

Many men are pretty conscious of their image. They will not like to make the girl of their choice feel or believe that he is needy or desperate to get into a relationship with her. He will deliberately try to remain aloof and not circle around the girl just to make sure that she does not assume that he is clingy.

So, if he does not call her or does not give her calls often, if he does not show much interest in seeing her or being with her daily or if he seems too busy with his work, then it may be that he is doing all this just to avoid looking clingy.

He wants to create a good and different image of his in front of her

Many men actually think that not giving much attention to a girl looks cool and makes him different from other men. They also feel that giving less attention to a girl or even distancing himself from her will attract her further towards him.

Surprisingly this does work many times. So, he may not call her that quickly or may give very less number of calls in a long span of time. He may try to be aloof and try to create a different, interesting and attractive personality to draw her towards himself.

Doing it for friends and social circle

Many people, especially guys, often find it very low of another guy to circle around a girl to please her or get her in his life. This giving of extra attention to a girl may seem to many guys like flattering and oiling her which they may find disgusting.

There are many guys who also do not appreciate other guys spending much or maximum time with girls or a particular girl. All these may not be well taken in certain groups or circle of guys.

Hence, if he belongs to such a social circle or keeps the company of such guys, then he will try to remain aloof or try to distance himself from the girl of his liking. He will maintain this isolation from the girl he likes just to maintain his own reputation among his friends and his social circle.

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