8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair

8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair Are you tired of unmanageable dull looking hair? Read on to find out the 8 effective tips for shinier hair. It’s a boon to have lustrous healthy hair. It partly depends on genes and how much you take care.

Just like plants, hair needs a lot of nourishing, right from what you eat to what you apply on your hair. If your hair looks right, you are ready for any party or occasion without having to do much to look fabulous.

You would be surprised to know that hair also suffer a lot of stress, thanks to pollution outside, harmful chemicals in the form of hair products and treatments and various other reasons. Here are few simple and effective tips for achieving a wonderful shining hair like never before.

Effective Tips For Shinier Hair

Stop Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing your hair when it is best is a recipe for disastrous looking hair. Why? Simply because when the hair wet, it can stretch much more compared to when the hair dry. Therefore, combing and tying wet hair leads to hair fall and causes split ends. It also loses its shine. Let it dry on its own and then do whatever you want to with your hair.

Beware Of Hair Products

We are always very fascinated to get hair treatments without really knowing the ingredients of such hair products. Most of them contain harmful chemicals especially alcohol which takes away the moisture from hair making it look dull and lusterless.

Be it hair sprays or mousses, they all contain alcohol which is not recommended to have shining hair. Instead, hairstylists have started using products that contain dimethicone which gives more shine to hair when applied.

Buy The Right Hairstyling Tool

Flat irons, curlers, hair driers and more should all be purchased from a good store and of a good brand. Cheap products usually use cheap plates in case of flat irons which cause greater damage. For example a ceramic plated iron is way better than the normal one because it gives a constant temperature for you to straighten or curl your hair.

8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair

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Apply Hair Products Before Styling Your Hair

There are many hair creams and mousse available in the market which should be used before you start to style your hair. They protect them from heat and also help you get a lustrous shinier look not forgetting it protects from hair getting damaged.

Use The Right Hair Brush

Use soft and natural bristled hair brushes to avoid tangling and breakage of hair and as mentioned above never brush on wet hair. Secondly, avoid shampooing everyday as it takes away the natural oil from the scalp.

Oil Hair Regularly

This is one of the grandma’s recipe of having shining hair. Apply almond, castor or coconut oil regularly before shampoo. They nourish your scalp, helps hair to grow faster and maintains the luster naturally. They are natural conditioners that one should regularly use for an effective way of having shinier hair.

Use Masks And Conditioners

You’ll find many homemade recipes for hair masks and conditioners. Putting henna mixed with few herbs is also effective. Apply curd mixed with lemon is an effective way of maintaining moisture as well as get rid of dandruff.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Eating right food makes your hair grow and keeps it away from damage. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. A healthy and balanced diet is one of the 8 effective tips to for shinier hair.

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