A Complete Botox Guide

Nowadays a new word has been doing the rounds in the fashion and glamour industry, the word is Botox. Since this is a revolution to defy the effects of aging, lots of people have shown their interest to know the details of the process. Now here is a guide to provide the knowledge about this effective cosmetic surgery procedure.

Botox, the seemingly magic cure for the lines and wrinkles all over the face, is very popular among the Hollywood stars and A-listed celebs. For its effectiveness and low costs, every year a huge number of people go through these surgical procedures to retain their young look.

Botox is made of Botulinum toxin, injected under the skin to kill the nerve endings that are responsible for the wrinkled skin. Only little localized doses of the toxin are administered. Thus the muscles are chemically paralyzed. As a result they don’t cause the lines. This is a well approved procedure by the FDA and very mush common is US.

Botox is chemical blocker, not injectable filler. So, many skin problems may not be treated with Botox. Experts say that wrinkles which are caused by the neuromuscular action can be treated by the fillers. Sun burnt skin is also treated well with the help of the injectable fillers like restylane or collagen. The injection sessions can take ten to fifteen minutes which will not disturb the regular normal activities.

Now comes the main question, is it a process without side effects? Well the answer is ‘NO’. Some of these side effects may include headache, redness, bruising, pain even nausea. Therefore, it is important to find a skin specialist or doctor who has the experience with botox. It will ensure the minimization of the risk factor related to the process. The Botox is delivered in the form of dry. And it should be reconstituted with the right amount of the saline. Also, be careful that you must not rub the treated areas as the injected materials can shift from one place to another.

If you are worried about the growing lines of your skin and want to try Botox, then first consult a certified physician to make a safe and secure procedure.

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