A Complete Tattoo Guide

Tattoo is an obsession with the new generation. The feeling of your body part becoming a canvas of art is mind-blowing. This permanent design on your body expressing your mood, nature and personality can indicate lot of things; a message, the loss of someone special, a tribute to a precious person or your beloved pet, a trauma, an achievement or a simple style statement.

But if you are a newbie about the whole experience, get the proper idea of tattooing before going through the sting and vibration of the needle.Obviously, you are excited and little jittery about the about the first experience ever. Well here is the solution to your headache:

Tattooing is a safe process, when it is done by an experienced and reputable artist. Also, you should consult with the expert artist about the process thoroughly to get to know if there lies any risk factor. The process can be little painful which also depends on your tolerance level. Always remember, ‘no pain no gain’, this will definitely lower the pain.

There are lots of tattoo shops, get the proper knowledge about the shops and its reputation. And the price depends on the size and design of the tattoo. Respect the tattoo artist who is going to carve this beautiful piece onto your body part. And try to gel with the artist while delivering the details about your design which can be a dragon, scorpio, Buddha, a demon or a skull. You can take some pictures of the design to the artist to give him the exact idea. This design can be improvised by the artist. Most importantly, make sure that the needles are well sterilized and brand new.

The place of the tattoo is the matter of personal taste. You can have it on your arm, or waist or neck or legs. How much space the design requires should be discussed with the artist. Some people love to flaunt their tattoo, some like to conceal it under their clothing. Avoid getting a tattoo when you are ill. Your immune system should be 100% strong while getting the tattoo. And try to avoid the tanning as it drains the life out of it. Don’t shave the tattoo portion if is still not dry.

So, when you get your first tattoo as the process is known to you now.

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