A Comprehensive Guide To Tattoo Care

Your first tattoo may feel very slimy on your skin and the plasma may have a tendency to move out from the skin. You may also get a constant niggling feeling because of the tattoo.

You should remove the residue on the tattoo very fast as it would otherwise make scabs once the plasma dries up on your skin surface.

Precautions You Need To Take Before Getting a Tattoo on Your Body

It is important to keep certain tattoo care tips in mind. After getting the new tattoo designed it is advisable to rub the area with your hands it is advisable to rub the inked part with a towel to dry it.

You must not rub the inked area very hard. It is good to apply any ointment that is rich in A&D on the wounded area. You should not use Neosporin, which is an excellent solution for most cuts while taking care of the inked area.

It is possible that certain people might encounter an allergic reaction after applying Neosporin on a the wound. The use of Neosporin on the wound causes red bumps after which the design becomes polka dotted.

Over The Counter Treatment for Tattoo Care

Good ointments for tattoo care are products that are made specifically for body ink such as h2ocean. You should use the product for three to five days continuously for best results. You can also use a lotion that would keep the skin soft.

You can apply the lotion as long as the lotion remains free from fragrance as well as dye. Lubriderm is a good example of such a lotion. When you are making the new tattoo wet, the process must be started by first running cold water over it as hot water may tend to damage it severely. Swimming should be avoided for around two weeks at least. The scabs will begin to peel off after a few days.

new tattoo should not be picked or scratched if it feels itchy. If the tattoo begins to scab, it could be ignored as scabbing is a sign of healing. You need to protect the tattoo from the rays of the sun once it has healed, as too much exposure to the sun’s rays will make it faint and without life.