Accessories For Black Dress

Rare is a woman who does not have a little black dress in her closet. This timeless fashion necessity is a favourite among women for its slimming effect. But the true beauty of a black dress lies in the endless ways in which it can be styled up to suit any and all occasions.

The secret of achieving the perfect desired look lies in rightly accessorizing your dress. The good news is that, with a black dress, there is no dearth in the options available to doll yourself up with the right accessories.

If you are aiming for a little formal look, you can team up your black dress with an overcoat in contrasting colours like beige or gray. You can also go for a red overcoat provided it is not too flashy for the occasion. A leather or textured handbag completes the look. In footwear, you can go for medium to low heels sandals suiting your specific needs.

If you want to put on that black dress for an elegant evening, you can get the classy look by teaming it up with a pair of satin gloves. Both black and white gloves make good options. To add grace to the elegance, you can grab a pair of pearls. Get on a pair of stilettos to complete the look.

If you are looking for something in between formal and classically elegant, say a business party, you can team up your dress with a pretty scarf. Vintage scarves are a rage and go beautifully with a black dress. Again a pair of pearl earrings goes well with the look.

If you are aiming for the sexy look, there is nothing to compete with the little black dress. To add bling, you can go for a neckpiece in a shocking colour like red or turquoise. Try substituting those black stilettos for red ones to add more drama. A sexy little clutch bag completes your look.

For a casual look, you can go for slide shoes with the black dress. A denim bag or a couple of wide bracelets will also transfer the dress to look casual in a matter of seconds. You cal also add a belt or a multi hued scarf for the casual look.