Accessorizing Your Casual Closet

Wearing the right accessories can change your look completely. I read of a woman who wore the same outfit for the entire year and only changed the accessories to adorn a different look every day. Look at your accessories as an investment and you will not need to buy new clothes; simply play with the accessories that you have and change the look of your outfits instantly.

If you are sick of wearing the same clothes then don’t venture out to buy new clothes; instead wear different accessories. You won’t need to buy these either as I am sure you have plenty of them in your existing wardrobe. If you are unsure of what I am talking about then check out the scarves, belts, hats and jewelry and bags in your closet. You can also make note of your shoes and sunglasses and ribbons.

Scarves are easy to use as an accessory. Firstly you can wear them around your neck. You can also wear them around your shoulders and fit them into your belt if you have a long scarf. You can also tie the scarf around your hair like a turban of braid it into your hair. Look out for eye catching scarves with embellishments like fringe, gemstones, diamonds or bows.

Another accessory that you must have in your casual wardrobe is belts. You must have a number of belts however ensure that they are all of high quality. Leather belts look very dramatic and chic so do belts in other rich materials like fur and satin. Wearing a belt around your waist can transform a dull outfit instantly. Belts with attractive buckles are a huge trend.

Every woman has a collection of jewels in her collection. Chains, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, multi strand chains, earrings and anklets are popular and they help to give an outfit a new charm. Gold and silver are popular metals to wear to the office however for a fun flirty look you can wear semi precious stones or wood.

Bags and shoes are great accessories. You don’t need to match them anymore so feel free to experiment with your collection.