Age-no-bar for Love

Gone are the days when relationships in which if the woman was older than the man, were a taboo for the society. The male youth of today do not find it unusual to fall in love with older woman. Moreover, there is no such law that states a woman cannot be older than a man, in a relationship.

The young men find their older mates more interesting, strong headed and financially secured, as compared to younger women. They have an amazing aura around them that makes them confident and alluring. They are not confused or unsure of their lives unlike their younger sisters. They are more responsible and are in better position to take decisions wisely.

It is one trait that comes only after witnessing life’s challenges over a period of time. When you are young, you are fiddling with many things and hence not very sure of what you actually want. As you grow, your goals start appearing clearer and promising.

In a relationship, older women have found rendering valuable advice to their beaus/husbands and dealing critical situations tactfully. All this makes, older women all the more desirable. One needs a partner who complements him/her in every possible way. An older woman brings a kind of contentment to a relation that every man wants. They act as an anchor, holding on to them forever.

The same kind of opinion is of women who have male partners. They felt life came full circle with each other. Having a partner of lesser age didn’t stop those falling head over heels over them. Women feel having a younger partner keeps them young too. They bring freshness, spontaneity and romance to the relation and keep the spirits soaring high.

Younger men make the older woman feel more desirable and reassuring that she is still wanted. When you are young, you are more adventurous, open, and experimental; and all this adds a dash of spice to the relationship making the woman go weak in her knees.

According to people of “Loveland”, age should not be a constraint to love somebody, truly. Moreover compatibility has no age.