Aging Beauty: Julie Andrews

It is very rightly said old is gold. Just like old books, old wine, old friends have their own charm, their own taste and their own warmth no other thing in world can possibly replace it. Beauty is ageless and who other than, still lovely and graceful, Julie Andrews can prove this point. Born in England, this lady of equanimity forms a fine example of lady of substance due to her great contribution in field of theatre, cinema and television.

The famous star of films like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music have shown her endowments of skills and creditability’s of this refined performer. The winner of numerous academy awards along with some well deserved Oscars this lady is sculpt of refinement grace and elegance. Till now she is popular Christmas voice.  It won’t be wrong to state that Julie Andrews and class are synonymous to each other. Anything to everything about her is classy, elegant and very sophisticated.

She represents the evolution of style and talent particularly in Hollywood. In her years she was one of the leading ladies for the red carpet paparazzi. Her élan usually used to have linear lines or sculpted shoulders along with Empire illumined classic gowns teamed up with impeccable pieces of necklaces. Even now this elegant dresser dresses for the occasions in her true style. On 73rd academy awards, she was seen wearing a black gown with bedazzling diamond-beaded necklace designed by Harry Winston.

Her dressing sense forms the visible examples of sophistication, elegance and astounding grace. They easily reflect the calm and composure in her personality. While her formal wear formal suits mainly comprising of overcoat with basic unvarnished shirts teamed up with custom fit skirt or well tailored and cut trousers the evening wear is inclusive of some of the best designer wear in form stupefying gowns and long dresses along well embellished jewelry to complete her signature look.

She also forms a fine example for older women to carry themselves with grace. Her cropped short hair is now a hair trend followed by everybody. Many actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones are following her ways when it comes at learning about grace and exquisite sense clearly showing her influence on generations. Being happily married for thirty-eight years with five children and cherished grandchildren, she has been more than a successful tale of grace and refinement.