All About Evening Dresses

The day time is reserved for work, work and more work. But as the sun goes down it is the time to relax and get into a romantic mood. It is a time to enjoy and dress up and establish you as the enchantress once again. And there is nothing like an evening dress that does the trick. You need not wear a gorgeous one, but a plain one is enough to do the magic with its exclusive feminine look.

The evening dresses can be either the long formal ones or the shorter, more casual evening wears. There are innumerable styles available in both categories. The long dresses are more of the classical variety and are very formal, worn only in full formal or white tie events like balls, movie premiers, award ceremonies, etc. The shorter variety is not that formal and you can wear it to any evening parties except those with white tie dress code.

The styles of the women’s evening dresses are often denoted by letters. So you have the A-line, H-line, I-line, V-line, X-line and Y-line dresses. Apart from these you have the trapezium-line, tent-line, dome-line and princess-line, emperor-line and Charleston-line dress styles.

Whichever style you want to wear, the secret of good looks lies in the fit. Start with the shoulders. The seams should lie flat and so should be the shoulder straps. See that there is no pulling as you sit down. See that as you sit the shoulder straps do not slip. The neckline should also lie flat and there should be no pulling or pressure on your throat when sitting down. The dress with perfect fit should not put pressure on the breasts. The back should neither have pulling or gaps. If there is a back zipper, make sure that as you zip it up no tension is noticed.

The armholes are also important. There should be no gap or pressure and in a sleeveless dress, it should not show your bra from the sides. Make sure that the side seams should also lie flat and should show as a straight line. The hemline is also important. Except the dresses designed with asymmetrical hemline, it should run in a smooth and straight lien all around. Finally, your body should match the style for the complete stunning effect.