Avoid These Fashion Mistake

The world is on a rat race to stay tuned and outwit each other, be it in education, career, fashion, beauty and life as a whole. To stay ahead, you need to learn the tricks of the trade. Personal grooming and a willingness to learn from your mistakes are important to achieve success in any field.

Loose or tight fitting garments

The clothes you wear more or less define you. Wearing jeans that are too tight fitting or shirts and tops that are too loose or too tight shows poor taste. Many people try to fit into smaller size clothes to make them look leaner. But this is a grave mistake as tighter clothes enhance the cellulite and push them out further for everyone to see.

Wearing loose clothes are an obvious giveaway as it is plain visible that the person is trying to hide the extra kilos underneath. To avoid harsh judgements, go for well fitting clothes with patterns, styles and designs that suit your body type. Clothes that are well fitted will enhance your overall personality and will give a boost to your confidence.

Inappropriate Dressing

In order to be welcomed into society, there are certain norms and customs that you must follow. These are not things which people would tell you, but things that come naturally. Unfortunately, some just don’t observe and learn! Dressing appropriately for social occasions is very important to keep your level in society.

These include parties, formal occasions, funerals, weddings etc. among others. It is not acceptable if you come dressed like a bride for a funeral or vice versa. Every occasion has a dress code that fits snugly into that society. Within that limit you have a choice to go with, without going into extremes. Lurking towards extreme habits will make you a rebel and will result in people shunning your company.

Make Up Woes

Though there is no rule that can limit the amount of makeup you wear, again, wearing too much make up for any occasion or even in the workplace is unacceptable. A heavily made up face spells inferiority complex and will earn ridicule and disrespect among your peers and colleagues. Avoiding bold colours, heavy compact and foundation and heavy eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner,eye shadow etc. will help your skin to breathe fresh air and reduce the outbreaks of acnes and skin conditions.

Wear light make up if you must, and colours that are pleasing to the eye and gel with your skin. Brightening up your good features require finesse and expertise. Consult a makeup artist or a beautician if you are not in the knowhow of things. You can also refer magazines and books if you find a beautician expensive and beyond your pocket.

Hair Issues

Hairstyles can change your looks drastically. Do not go for dramatic styles like bold streaks or platinum looks just because they are in fashion. They will make you look more like a comic figure than a diva.  If you have short hair, go for a trendy bang or a few streaks here and there according to what suits your face and overall look.

Keep your hair troubles minimal by opting for a simple style rather than going for heavy maintenance styles like a perm, hair extension or hair straightening.  Use a good hair oil and shampoo to prevent hair fall and brittle lifeless hair. There are many interesting styles that suit all sorts of hair lengths. Perhaps you can try one of them or consult a stylist for help.

Mix and Match Faux Pas

Women have been mixing and matching their clothes, accessories and what not from time immemorial. But the days of matching colours are long gone. Also gone are the days when you would wear earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, hair bands, anklets and whatever else available to complete the picture.

In today’s minimalistic world, there is no need to wear so many accessories. You may skip your necklace if you have a chunky ear set or wear a bold statement necklace without any other accessories.  Heavily embroidered and embellished garments do not require any accessories to make them stand out. In fact wearing necklaces and earrings along with these garments will spoil the beauty of the design itself. Choose accessories that enhance your dress and face.

Wrong Colours

Choosing colours for your clothes come with experience. It must be done carefully, or else you will land up in wrong colours at the wrong places. As a rule, it is better to avoid bright and bold shades if you are in the wrong side of thirties. Growing in maturity requires your colour sense too to grow and turn a shade mature with more of earthy, rich and darker tones dominating your wardrobe.

The young can still experiment with their wardrobe with bright shades. But remember to play it down in formal occasions and at the office, lest you should get criticized. It’s always better to play it safe than having to pay dearly for your mistakes.

Looking presentable

This does not apply only to the working crowd. Looking neat and presentable shows your outlook towards life and your attitude. Wearing smelly clothes or clothes that are not ironed, torn or faded will affect your name and you will be judged as inefficient and lazy.
Hippie style is passé and will not work well for your personality even if you still think in that genre.

A neat haircut, well kept nails and a good wardrobe are important ingredients that will add brownie points to you achievement graph. Whether it is work, studies or life, a passive attitude will have its effect and will surely pull you down when compared with others who are much ahead of the game.

You must ensure that you are presentable all the time. Wearing garments that are meant for the younger generation, showing your lacy lingerie and wearing revealing outfits to office are not acceptable behaviour. These habits can be detrimental to your social, professional and personal growth.


Hi, I am a fashion design graduate and I enjoy writing about fashion and the current treds in this scenario.