Back Acne – Causes, Treatment And Tips

There are many theories related to the cause of acne but no exact reason can be pin pointed. Be it acne or back acne it can be very uncomfortable if they cause irritation to the skin.

Persistent acne in certain parts of the body can be due to the type of clothing and in case of back acne the reason could be tight clothing or backpack. Tight clothing can cause acne as they trap the sweat and clog the pores. Hormone imbalance could also be one of the reasons for back acne.

There are several ways to control and stop back acne. The first is mainly hygiene. The area affected by acne should be washed daily with a cleanser that has salicylic acid. A shower after any kind of physical exertion is advised.

After shower, moisturize the area with moisturizer containing Alfa Hydroxy acid. This will clean the skin and control break outs. Before bed, at night the back acne can be treated with the zapping gel or cream given for facial acne.

If the back acne attack is not violent but just moderate then application of Regimen is advised. Regimen is quite effective but contains benzoyl peroxide which is a bleaching agent and can bleach the clothes in contact. Wearing white t-shirt if you are planning to apply Regime is advised.

For severe case of acne, you might need an anti biotic prescribed or a prescribed strength of Retin – A. Back acne is much more difficult to treat as the skin is tougher and aggressive.

Treatment might be required. If these do not work then you might have to undergo Accutane. You can try a harmless home remedy of using lye soap and tea tree oil. This will help to control acne in oily skin and make the skin soft.

Back Acne Tips:

You need to wear loose fitting cotton clothes, powder your back to keep it dry, if required spray some anti precipitant. Do not use it if you are going to be involved in a physical activity.

Remember to always wear clean clothes, bras, t-shirts while working out. Shower after a workout and change shirts at least twice a day.
Though acne is harmless they might leave scars on the skin if not treated immediately.