Be a Well Groomed Lady

If you want to look good, you must understand and accept that it is a lot of hard work. It comes with discipline and perseverance.

Grooming is very essential and every girl should adopt it in her routine. Given below are a few tips to keep yourself well groomed and look pretty.

First and foremost you have to pay attention to your diet. If you do not eat healthy, you cannot have a fit body. A slim and lean figure is absolutely necessary if you want to look pleasant. Stay away from junk food; high in fat and sugar content. So give up burgers, pizza, and cakes and gorge on salads and healthy greens instead. Eat plenty of nuts, lean meats and skimmed dairy products. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Also, pay attention to your posture; always sit and stand straight upright.

Keeping yourself clean and hygienic at all times is very important. Shower or have a bath atleast once every day, try to take a shower before going to sleep also. Use a nice deodorant or perfume after a bath immediately. Brush your teeth clean twice daily. Trim and maintain your nails also. Get a pedicure and manicure often. Always wear a nice-looking nail enamel on your hands as well as feet.

Take good care of your skin and hair. They should always look clean and moisturised. Use a mild cleanser for your skin and a gentle shampoo on your hair. Apply a moisturiser on your ski daily after a bath. Give your hair also conditioning treatments periodically. Wear a lip balm also every day to protect the thin skin on your lips. Always keep your hair tidy and prim. Comb your hair twice every day, and use a styling gel or serum if required.

Make-up is very crucial part of grooming. If you do not wear make up, you might end up looking weary and jaded sometimes. However, be careful while applying make-up. If you are wearing too much make-up, you would just end up appearing blotched. The makeup you wear should enhance your beauty and make you appear fresh. Also, apply make up the right way so that you do not smudge it in your face. Buy make-up in shades that is closer to your skin tone.

Subtle and light makeup is the best during the day. For more formal occasion especially at night, you can try deeper tones in your make-up. During the day wear a light shade of lipstick and some compact powder. If you want you can also wear a light colored eye shadow. At night, you can try darker shades of lipstick and a heavier foundation with blusher on your cheeks.

Be polite and graceful in your interaction with others. Any rude or crass language is absolutely forbidden. Speak with clarity and respect at all times. Whenever you meet some, greet them courteously. Follow the appropriate dinner etiquette. Hone your conversational and social skills every time. Smile and be happy always!