Belly Button Piercing- Things You Should Know

Belly button piercing used to be a taboo in the early age, just the thought for western women doing it is preposterous. Parents are against it and would send them growling over their young girls when they found out that their innocent young girl has turned into a weird looking girl character in one of those wild movies.

But no matter what parents do and think who can prevent these young teens with raging testosterone in trying things that are different. Things that will make them stand-out and unique among their peers.

As years passes by, as celebrities have endorsed such wild and unique fashion in their movies and even in public. Belly button piercing slowly captured the wild imaginations of young girls and eventually followed such unique fashion trend.

It eventually become a way of letting women express what they want the world to see, that is of course by showing it to the community that they got a pierced belly button. And in order for it to be shown they have to wear clothes that exposes their tummy, it would then be useless to have a pierced button if it can’t be seen right?

However, if you really try to find it out, belly button piercing is not really as some may think it should be. Meaning it’s not really the belly button that’s being pierced but just the rim of the belly button.

So, if you think you are “IN” to this kind of fashion, here are the things you should consider before having your belly button pierced. It MUST be done by professional piercers alone, do not try to pierce your own belly, you might faint even before you are able to finish your own piercing.

The piercing shop must be clean and make sure that they use sterilized piercing instruments and the person who is doing such job should maintain cleanliness and sanitation as well by washing the hands, wearing gloves in doing the piercing operation.

Make sure that they dispose the used needles properly and dress your operated belly button properly. Don’t panic if it’s taking 5 weeks or more for your operation to heal, because it usually does.

Don’t touch it and change your belly button ring not unless it is totally healed. Make sure also that you’re not allergic to any metals to prevent infection and allergy reaction when your piercing operation is done.