Benefits of Rose Water

Ever thought what was the best natural product that you could use daily to make sure that you have the best skin? Well, the answer to that is nothing but simple rose water. Commonly used in spas and beauty parlours, rose water is light and refreshing and is one of the most essential items when one talks of skin care and skin treatment.

Not only do you get a glowing skin with its regular use, but it also works as an excellent cleansing agent removing all the dust and dirt from your face and giving it a fresh and clean look. These days, rose water is commonly available in comfortable tight small bottles that can be carried in your handbag. Anytime you feel that you need to remove your make-up or just add a nice rosy fragrance with a touch of cleanliness to your face, use a cotton bud to cleanse your face with rose water!

Many people say that rose water works as a toner and as an astringent. But for people with dry skin, rose water has an even better advantage, that of moisturising and balancing the skin. It makes your skin healthy and naturally glowing and radiant. This is precisely the reason why rose water is also one of the most common ingredients or elements found in beauty products ranging from body and face scrubs to moisturisers and cleansers.

For those who have a sensitive skin that is prone to allergies or gets various skin problems frequently, regular application of rose water is the best treatment. Once you start to use rose water daily before sleeping, you will realise that most of the problems of skin eruptions and allergies do not affect or bother you. Your skin will automatically become resistant to such problems and your face will look clear all the time.

Problems such as acne or blackheads, extreme case of pimples, white heads, rashes, and even bacterial infections can all be cured by this natural treatment. The application of rose water basically clears all the oily pores in your skin. When your face is oily, it has a greater tendency to attract dust and grime, which a clear face would not attract.

More than all this, rose water gives you a younger looking skin, which means that you will be save from premature wrinkles. As long as you use rose water, you will continue to enjoy its various benefits. Besides all these, rosewater application leaves you so relaxed, that it is almost like an instant spa treatment that leaves you refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised.

Ridhi Rajpal