Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012)

Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012) Having a good-smelling perfume is no more the privilege of women only. There are best-smelling colognes available for men too. You can use them for yourself or they are good to present as a gift too. You can choose from a wide range of available options at your disposal. They are so good you will get confused which one to buy.

Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012) 

Kenzo Homme Woody

The Kenzo Homme Woody reminds us of the earlier Kenzo cologne. The mix of basil and mint is equally balanced to give the best possible combination. The Kenzo Homme Woody is loaded with scent, which should make you an instant center of attraction when you are partying.

F by Ferragamo

Pepper and lavender make an ideal scent for your place of work. However, the company terms this as a scent that should make your evening a perfect time. The Tonka beans is the omnipresent constituent of the scent. It makes the Italian sprezzatura fragrance come along with it.

Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012)

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Gucci Guilty Intense

Leave alone the aroma of the cologne, the bottle itself is worth your admiration as the bottle wears a laconic look. The Gucci Guilty Intense has one of the most balanced scents around. The aroma of neroli, cedar and patchouli has a pleasing effect and people will never be able to forget what they have just experienced.

Ben Sherman

The Ben Sherman cologne is the one especially for the gym goers. The scent is enough to bring a certain amount of zest that you need to have when working out. Tangerine, bergamot and lemon bring about a great combination of fragrance that would be enough to make people turn their head towards you.

Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012)

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Bond No. 9 New York Andy Warhol

This cologne is tagged as the most packed as well as complex cologne of the year. The prominent elements include the vanilla bean, musk and sandalwood. The white patchouli, citrus and jasmine ride merrily on these elements. The combination is not as complex as it may sound; it is pleasurable, simple and straightforward indeed.

Jack Black “JB”

The JB is a strong contender to be one of the favorite colognes this year. This cologne spreads a fresh aroma in the air making the atmosphere pleasant. It shows the personality of the man who uses it. There is no doubt the serious men love the JB.

Best-Smelling Colognes For Men (2012)

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Narciso Rodriguez Limited Edition

The Narciso Rodriguez Limited Edition is dominated by the musk at all the three levels – the top, middle and the bottom. And when there is musk all around, all know what it can do, right? The Narciso Rodriguez will most certainly give you a memorable night. The lovely smell is an added effect.

Cartier Declaration

Cardamom and cedar draw attention to the trendy style of the cologne. For the lasting impression, you should use it liberally and see the effect. There is nothing that can stop you from being the unique guest at the party. If you get enveloped by the fairer sex, blame it on the Cartier Declaration.

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