Blind Dating Tips

Blind date is a system of dating with someone whom you have never met before. This type of date is set online or via a mutual friend, a dating service, a co worker. In short, it is a third person who sets your date, knows you both and thinks that might your pair is well matched.

Sometimes, it is very risky going on a blind date because you don’t know what kind of person you are going to meet. At times it can be a bit disappointing because your expectations and personality of the person does not match. But in general, it is very exciting!

You actually don’t know person with whom you are going and it would be very strange when you go on a date with him/her. This is a kind of game where, if you got the right person, then bingo! Else you are lost. Sometimes these dates do not end up in love, instead they just end up in friendship only. So keep your expectations as low as possible, your mind open!

Here are some of the tips for your Blind Date. Have the right and good attitude to have good time. Before going on blind date, it is better if you get as much information about the person as you can muster. Know about his/her likes and dislike in as much detail as possible. Always be honest. The age old adage ‘honesty is the best policy’, has great importance and reverence too!

Don’t judge anyone because of their appearance; try to get to know him/her personally as this is key of successful relationship.  Don’t be too serious as you are not going for a meeting, instead, you are going for fun and to get to know the person. Crack some jokes and make your partner feel relaxed, not tensed. You should be the first one to do so too! Don’t just wait for your date to start instead, you go for it.

Before going on the date, dress appropriately, and choose those clothes which are impressive and are comfortable to you. Take a small gift for him/her, as it will make a good impression. First impressions go a real long way! Share the amount of bill as this should not be a burden for only one.

Blind dates are not horror shows, relax! But some tips and some guidance will surely help you. It is advisable to inform someone that you are going on blind date, and keep the venue as public as possible. Enjoy!

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