Blowdrying Your Hair Perfectly At Home

Most of the time you can never match the salon hair styling technique at home, unfortunately because of this it is hard to sport a perfect parlour finish look everytime when you get out.

If you dont want to settle for a less than modest look and get a look that is very close to perfect then here are few tips to get that perfect blow out.

To get the perfect blowout every action leading to it is important, starting with the way you wash your hair. Choose a rich shampoo and a creamy conditioner, apply the shampoo from the roots and work your way till the tips.

After conditioning, rinse your hair well with cold water to prevent any frizz.After washing, bloat out the excess water with a towel. After this apply some thermal protection spray to protect your hair and keep them healthy and shiny.

After applying this evenly all over your hair, divide it equally into four sections and slowly disentangle each section. You can also spray on some volumnizing spray to the roots of your hair to add that extra oomph. Slowly start blow drying each section pointing the nozzle downwards.

Use a nozzle with which you can get a controlled, polished finish. Keep the blow drier at an appropriate distance, your forehead shouldnt get heated up, if it does it means you need to hold the blow drier a bit higher.

Do not dry your hair in the bathroom or in any place with high moisture since the steam will make your hair retain the moisture and the blow drying wont give the desired effect. You can also save time by using comb attachments or using a ionic blow dryer.

After the roots have dried use a rounded brush and blow dry each section carefully.While at it let the air pass over the brush and not in the brush. This will smoothen the hair shaft and create a purposeful look. You can also choose a flat iron to get a poker straight hair easily.

To finish up you can use a shine enhancing product that will help highlight your tresses making them stand out. You can also use a shine enhancing product to make them stand out. Those with fine hair can use a light weight hair spray and those with coarse hair can use a pomade. Shine gels or creams are great for those with normal hair.

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Meera M.Das