Building a Bra Wardrobe? How Many Bras do You Need?

Do you know how many bras you have in your wardrobe or how many do you need? Well, I got you thinking haven’t I? There is no defined number of bras that you must to have and this can be defined only by your personal style and choices. However; if you do need some guidelines on how to pick your lingerie then I have a few tips that may help you out.

You need to have 3 to 5 everyday bras. These are bras that you can wear on everyday clothing; either your formal work wear or casual clothes. One cannot define what you would like to wear as an everyday bra.

Some women would prefer to wear a padded bra while others detest that. You can also choose between a bra with an underwire and those without. If you are heavy on the bust region then try and get your hands on a bra that minimizes the region. When you do find the ideal bra; invest in at least 3 pair and ensure that one is skin toned. 3 bras are ideal so you always have one to spare when the others are in the wash or being worn.

A sports bra is very important when you are exercising as it helps to hold your breasts close to your chest and prevents discomfort. If you are the kind of woman who hits the gym daily then you may want to consider getting a few sports bras.

A racer back bra holds a very important place in your closet too. This bra can be worn with racer back blouses and T shirts so that you do not have to show off your bra straps when you wear these tops. Bras in this style are perfect for women with narrow shoulders who find it difficult to keep their bra straps on.

A push up bra is an asset to any woman’s closet. This bra helps to add cleavage to your body by simply adding mass to a small or medium sized bust.

If your wardrobe contains tops and dresses that have low necklines then you will need to have a bra in a demi cup style in your closet. This is a bra that has an underwire and wide shoulder straps. The bra reveals a certain amount of your bust while also offering it some support at the base of the bust line.