Cape Fashion

There are so many ways to look fashionable in the winters. Outerwear has always been one of the most important clothing items during winters. After all, it is the piece of clothing in any ensemble that is noticed in the first look. The outer protective wear has always remained trendy, with the fashion conscious donning overcoats, jackets, coats etc. And this season the in-thing in outer protective wear is capes! 

A cape can be worn by both men as well as women. It is usually a long garment, reaching till your ankles, similar to a cloak. However the current avatars are available in numerous styles. For instance, some of them are slightly shorter in length ending near the waist and styled to be wrapped around the torso somewhat like a poncho. They are draped around the neck and shoulders, and some could have buttons or zips for frontal closure.

Capes are available in many fabrics, such as wool, leather, satin, suede, fur, silk and velvet.  They can be worn over many garments. Capes are very popular with evening dresses among women. They are ideal for semi-formal or formal occasions like parties and the office. They not only keep you warm but also protect the fine fabric of the inner- wear worn.

The most popular design is the full length cape in black color. Another popular design is a fur cape that is shorter in length and reaches till the waist. Some capes have adorable large collars. Others come is styles that can be fastened around the neck. Shorter cropped capes are quite a rage this season. Full length capes with hoods are very voguish too.

There are a few fashion mantras to be observed while wearing capes. Do not wear a cape with pants. They really adorn the look of dresses and skirts, so pair them wisely. The outfit worn with capes should be of a snug fit. Capes worn over loose fitting clothes look dreary. Ideal choices are pencil skirts, tight skirts, tube skirts or a well fitted cocktail dress. Capes are very weighty and look extremely dressy. Therefore try to keep the jewellery minimal. Otherwise you might look overdressed. Wear stud earring and a chunky ring if you must.