Caring For Natural Fibres

Fabrics made from natural fibers are preferred by most people. Since their properties cannot be adjusted to suit our needs, we have to take special care so that they have a long life. Method of caring for couple of natural fibers is given below.


The shrinkage rate of cotton is very high; hence they need to be pre shrunk before being sewn. They maybe machine washed in hot water with soap or on a delicate machine cycle. Fabric softener may be used in the final rinse.

Unless specified otherwise, you can use chlorine bleach to whiten the whites. Permanent press items need to be removed from the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete. Iron with moderately hot iron. Dark garment s should be ironed in the wrong side. If colors run, dry clean.


Linens can be machine washed in warm water with mild suds. They shouldn’t be twisted or wrung. Smooth and let dry on non rust hangers. Avoid repeated pressing on sharp creases to prevent fibers fro breaking. Press on wrong side while damp. Stored linens should be protected from mildew. They maybe dry cleaned to improve shape retention.


Care for ramie is similar to that of linen. Ramie should be machine washed in warm water with mild suds. Do not twist or wring it. It should be pressed while damp on wrong side with hot iron. But avoid pressing of sharp creases to prevent fibers from breaking.


Usually silk should be dry cleaned. If labeled ‘hand washable’, use only mild sod and warm water. Do not use chlorine bleach,strong detergents or soaps. Press while damp on wrong side with warm, not hot, dry iron. They need to be protected from moths and carpet beetles.


Wool needs to be preshrunk before sewing. Though usually dry cleaned, sometimes they can be washed with hand, with mild soap or special soap for wool. Do not rub, wring or twist, they’ll lose shape. They should be smooth out and dried on a flat towel.

Press with steam on moderate heat setting on wrong side and with a press cloth. Air wool garments frequently and let it stand for at least a day between wearing. Washable woolens are good for children’s wear, but tailored style adult clothing tends to lose its shape when washed. Wool needs to be protected from moths and carpet beetles.

Meera M.Das