Cause Of Wearing Cotton Cloth In Summer

Cotton is a natural fiber. It is breathable. Because of its porous nature it allows air circulation in the body. Cotton is a good insulator and keeps your body comfortable. That is why we should wear cotton in summer. This article will help you to know more about the benefit of cotton cloth in summer.

In summer we perspire most because of scorching heat and humidity in the weather. Cotton cloth is a good absorber. It absorbs the sweat and perspiration totally. If you wear synthetic cloth it can not absorb sweat and the whole sweat began to accumulate on your body. You may catch cold from accumulated sweat.

Cotton cloth is a great insulator. It helps to maintain the temperature inside the body. In summer when the outer temperature is high, cotton cloth helps to keep the temperature inside the attire cool. That is why is found that we feel much comfortable in cotton cloth in summer.

Cotton is a porous thing. It helps to maintain air circulation. Air circulation helps to keep our body cool and dry. But in synthetic cloth there is no chance of air circulation because they are non porous. Synthetic fabric does not help the body temperature to come out and that is why they remain inside and make our body hot.

Cotton being the natural fiber is good for the skin where as synthetic material may create irritation on skin.  That is why it has been found people who are allergic to synthetic material, are quite comfortable in cotton in summer. Cotton also helps to maintain moisture of your skin and resist from being dried.

You can get different soft colors in cotton which is ideal for summer. As cotton is not very expensive material, you can buy a good number of cotton dresses in summer. We all know that we need more clothes in summer because of too much sweating. It is also easy to maintain cotton cloth at home. So it is easy to wear.

Because of these qualities cotton has become very popular among modern people and especially in summer when the weather itself is very uncomfortable.