Causes And Symptoms Of Low Sex Drive In Women

Low Sex DriveIn Women Sexual desire of a woman starts to fluctuate with time. Lows and highs mainly coincide with the starting of a new relationship, or due to some changes in life like illness, pregnancy or menopause.

If you are worried about your decreased libido, then bring some changes in your lifestyle and techniques of sex that can create the perfect mood. Some medications can also help in it.

In simple medical term, an individual has hypo active sex desire disorder, if she lacks an interest in sexual intercourse which causes personal distress.Women who lack interest in sex and physical intimacy are the ones suffering from low libido.

Here Are Some Causes and Symptoms Of Low Sex Drive in Women

Sex desire of women depends on complex interaction of different components that affect intimacy, such as emotional and physical well being, current lifestyle, relationship and experience.

If you experience problems in these areas, then it can harm your sex desire. Definitely, the main symptom of decreased sex drive in female is lack of sex desire.

Based on different studies, over 45% of women experience low sex desire at some situation. Decrease in sex drive may be due to some physical conditions, psychological issues or some other factors.

Low Sex DriveIn Women

There are different signs and symptoms of low sex drive and they are low sexual desire, reduced frequent masturbation, reduction in often sexual fantasies and thoughts, low sex desire if there has been no sexual intercourse for weeks or even months and reluctance to initiate sex.

Causes Behind Low Libido

There are numerous reasons why you might not be so interested in sexual intercourse.There are number of causes of low sex drive such as physical causes, changes in hormone and psychological causes. Low sex drive can be caused due to illnesses, medications and physical changes.

If a woman during intercourse experiences pain or is not able to achieve orgasm, then this can hamper her sex desire. Medical diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, neurological diseases and diabetes can also hamper sex drive in women.

Low Sex DriveIn Women

Most of the prescribed medications including chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants and medications for blood pressure are the libido killers.
Surgery related with your genital or breasts can affect body shape, function and sex desire.

Psychological causes can also lower down your desire for sex such as stress, mental health issues, poor self esteem, or if you have any history of sexual or physical abuse.For lots of women, emotions play an important role in sexual intimacy. So any problem in relationship can result in low sex desire.

Treatments Available

If you think that you are suffering from low sex desire, then you should immediately talk to your doctor. You can also take help from therapist or psychologist to understand and treat the problems. If the therapist or medical examiner finds no issues, then you should visit a sex therapist.

He is experienced and well trained in dealing with problems associated to human sexual health. These therapy sessions includes identifying emotions that are responsible for issue like fear and guilt and also teaching some responsive techniques.

There are many lubricants or cream available that can reduce the discomfort in the vagina during intercourse. These are some effective treatment of low sex drive that can help you to add spark in your relationship.

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