Causes of Dry Skin and Remedies to Nourish It

Dry skin is a common complaint these days. Winter is far away but your already skin feels as dry as a desert. We usually tend to ignore the problem until it gets severe, resulting in numerous trips to the dermatologist! Some people have naturally dry skin. In such cases, dry skin is a not a problem but merely your genetic trait.

People who had normal or oily skins previously are experiencing severely dry skins. Pollution, dust and construction dirt can be a major reason for your skin to feel under moisturized. However, if the dryness continues for a prolonged period of time, then it is definitely a matter of concern.

There are various reasons that can lead to the dry skin. The remedies for these are also simple. Read further to know the causes and remedies for dry skin issues.

Dehydration triggers dry skin. If the water content in your body falls drastically, the first part to be affected is your skin. A dull-dark skin tone suggests dehydration. If the dryness is severe, you will notice that skin is flaky and scaly. Water is the main remedy for dehydration. Consume as much fluids as possible. Stay off the oily and sweet dishes for a while.

If your body is heated-up, it can result in dry skin. Body heat can rise due to illness, in-active lifestyle, consuming too much heat producing foods like sesame seeds, eggs, black coffee, alcoholic drinks, aerated juices, etc. Find out your reason for excess body heat and treat it accordingly.

Too many hot water baths is yet another reason. Though a hot water bath is relaxing, it can zap the moisture from your skin. Avoid using very hot water. Try it warm. Always apply some moisturizer before you soak yourself in to the hot water tub.

Certain bath soaps can leave your skin dry. Check your soap for its contents. Use soaps with glycerin or aloe-vera and such other moisturizing agents.

It is said that an ‘An unclean tummy reflects on your face!’ Indigestion can cause skin dryness to some extent. If you are suffering from frequent stomach problems, then it shows on your skin. Check with your doctor to rule out underlying diseases.

Hormonal imbalances are also a reason for dry skin. Identify the cause of the imbalances to solve your dry skin issues.

Anisha Hariharan

A double graduate in English Communication Skills, I am now a freelance creative writer. I have worked with numerous media companies previously. I also love to pen down articles on health and lifestyle topics. My interests extend to art and craft, painting and experimenting on cuisines.