Causes Of Frizzy Hair And Its Remedies

Every girl desires to have soft, long and gorgeous flowing hair like Rapunzel. The increase of pollutants and humidity in the air often causes healthy hair to become dull and lifeless. Frizzy hair is a common problem faced by millions of people all over the world. Frizzy hair can be described as dry, coarse, and unmanageable which is damaged and has numerous split ends.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is difficult to manage and one finds it impossible to leave her hair open. Dry, frizzy hair occurs mostly when the hair has been exposed to strong chemical, hair cosmetics and styling treatments.

Increase of humidity in the air, causes curly and wavy hair to become rough and unmanageable. The hair becomes coarse, dull and develops numerous split ends. A sudden change in the weather conditions, whether dry or humid causes frizz to appear on your hair.

Hair specialists have cited that as we grow older, the constant hormonal changes in our body do have an effect on the quality of our hair. The constant use of natural or chemical dyes and hair color causes the amount of sebum produced by our scalp to decrease.

The hair loses its natural moisture and becomes brittle, with the decrease of sebum. Some people inherit the frizz in their hair from their parents. People born with curly hair have a tendency to develop frizz. Scalp which is not regularly cleaned along with hair which is not being nourished will result in the hair becoming dull, dry and coarse.

The breakage of hair happens mostly due to rough handling of hair – by brushing or combing it vigorously especially when it is wet. Doctors recommend that the most suitable method of drying one’s hair is to allow it to air dry instead of using blow dryers.

The warm air of the blow dryers removes the moisture from the hair making it dry, brittle and frizzy. Hair which has been colored may be prevented from becoming frizzy with the use of conditioners. We need to be careful while selecting the type of conditioner to be used for our hair.

Oil based conditioners are not recommended for colored hair. Coarse hair which is already dry and frizzy can be smoothened by using curling irons. It also makes the hair soft and silky. Inferior quality hair products should never be applied on frizzy hair as it causes dryness of the hair and increases its frizz.

Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Hair specialists suggest that we should select the shampoo according to the nature of our hair. A shampoo which is meant for dry hair should only be applied on dry hair.

Shampoos containing extracts from medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera are best recommended for frizzy hair. Usage of frizzy-hair friendly shampoo is also advised by hair specialists. We should try using the shampoo and the conditioner of the same brand for better results.

However, excessive shampooing of the hair should be avoided as it makes the hair lose its natural moisture. Frequent combing or brushing of the hair should not be done. Usage of a wide toothed comb is recommended as it prevents further breakage of the hair. Our fingers are the best combs to remove hair tangles. Combing of wet hair should be avoided as it encourages breakage of hair.

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Home -Made Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Home -made hair packs can be used to reduce the frizz in the hair. A hair pack containing gram flour mixed with coconut milk helps to reduce the frizz in the hair and makes the hair shine and lustrous.

Regular massaging of the scalp using natural oils such as coconut, olive or castor nourishes the hair by improving the blood circulation. In fact, regular use of these natural oils helps to prevent frizzy hair. Beer can be used to rinse the hair as it acts as a conditioner and helps to prevent frizzy hair.

A hair pack made of egg whipped with water and applied on wet hair is another excellent remedy for treating frizzy hair. Warm water should be used for shampooing the hair as it opens the hair cuticles and allows the conditioner to be absorbed by the root shaft.

However, rinsing of the conditioner should be done using cold water as it will close the hair cuticle and will not allow the hair to lose its moisture.

Suggested Diet For Frizzy Hair

Special attention should be given to the diet. Food items rich in protein and vitamins help to improve the quality of our hair. Oily and fatty food should be avoided as it increases the tendency to have a greasy scalp. Consumption of alcoholic drinks, tea, and coffee should be restricted.

Food rich in carbohydrates and high sodium content should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables rich in iron and iodine should be included in the diet. Drinking plenty of water helps to remove the toxins from our body.

Hair specialist recommends different therapies for curing frizzy hair. The therapies differ from each other depending upon the nature of the hair. Hair becomes dry when it does not contain the sufficient quantity of its natural moisture and oil.

This can be caused due to prolonged exposure of the hair to the direct rays of the sun without using any protective care. Everyday shampooing of the hair using harmful chemicals and styling of hair using heated styling products also causes hair to become dry and frizzy.

The treatment suggested for dry, frizzy hair is using a moisturizing shampoo as it will clean the hair and scalp without removing the protective oils. Hydrating conditioners should be used for treating curly and wavy hair. These conditioners help the hair to retain its moisture.  Mild PH-balanced shampoos are to be used for greasy hair.

Conditioners containing corn, rice and wheat should be used as these cereals help to improve the quality of the hair. Gels and hair sprays with high alcohol content should be avoided. Most people believe that the solution to control frizzy hair is expensive as well as time consuming.

They will need to visit a salon and have their hair straightened or use a straightening iron at home. Regular trimming of the hair should be done to control the growth of split ends. However, both long and short hair needs regular nourishment and care in order to get healthy and non-frizzy hair life-long.