Check Out These Latest Trends Of Nail Color Patterns

Nail color art originated in ages and has been carried and is popular even today. As the times passed by, the art and technique of nail art has progressed to give a new dimension to the concept of nail art. New designs and patterns came into being with time and gave the nail art technique the glossy and bold outlook of today.

Layered, dots and even simmered designs came into being with time and popularly splashed into the nails to give them a bright and funky look. During the past years, say in 90’s, one color pattern was there with no specific art on them. The nails would be colored in a single color, bright and deep. During the millennium, gradually designs and patterns came into being. Glossy shades outnumbered the one color trend and even nude colors came into line. After that, with time, art in the form of lines and dots and various other shapes into the color came into formations. This trend is very much in nowadays among teens.

In 2011, colors like gold, plum, red and other metal colors are in. However, matching your color of nail polish with your make up is in even today. Nail polish trends of 2011 bring in metallic and fresh colors like nudes, grays and pastel colors. These colors show the freshness and bold outlook in them.

Nail polishes with glossy look are a hot topping this year. Glitter also is doing the rounds in sync with the glossy factor of nail polish. Different make up companies are bringing out a plethora of nail art and color polishes, which bring out the designing side of nail artists and help them to create their innovations.

However, the most important base thing for all these nail art is to have a perfectly manicured well defined hand. A well manicured hand with beautifully shaped nails is a big base for putting on beautiful nail color. Whatever the color or pattern may be, well manicured nails bring out the best of it all. So beautify your nails and pick out the hottest trend and nail color to show off your nails in their best.