Choose Contact Lens For Your Eye According To Your Skin Tone

Beauty in a person is intensified and defined by the elegance and grace in the eyes. Not only is it the mirror to your heart and soul, it speaks a lot about your entire personality. A pair of beautiful eyes satisfies a sense of belonging for a person.

Often, people tend to redeem its elegance by making use of colored contact lenses. Nowadays, contact lenses are not only popular in solving the visionary problems as an alternate to optical glasses, but are also considered exotic fashion accessories to redeem the aesthetic sense of the eyes of a woman.

Contact lenses are now considered as an integral part of common styling statement. Apart from serving reasons to medical issues, contact lenses tend to provide an extreme sense of classiness in the entire outlook of a person.

If anyone is aware of the latest trends in fashion and style, he must essentially know that it is no longer the need that overpowers in getting a pair of contact lenses to supplement the pair of optical glasses, but the change in the choice of class of living that counts for the purchase of contact lens.

Select Your Lens Appropriately

A wide variety of shades of colored contact lenses are available, complimenting various eye shades, iris color, skin tone, hair color and dress color. The selection of an appropriate color of contact lenses is a very important factor. You should first decide upon the choice in accordance to match with the need.

In other words, selection can be based upon your eye color, hair color or even your skin tone. It is often very glamorous to wear a contact lens complimenting your skin tone, as it redraws your beauty in a natural way. The choice of your selection must go apt with the versatility in your outlook. There are 3 types of shades or tints available for colored contact lenses.

You have the choice in opting for a visibility tint, a colored tint or an enhancement tint. The designing of visibility tint lenses have been accomplished in such as manner that they can be easily located and is the lightest of all shades of color of contact lenses.

A colored tint of contact lenses is generally opaque or dark in color. They are manufactured in such a fashion that they can completely cover the natural color and the look of your eyes. As in there are wide varieties of colored tint of lenses available, choice of selection can be made quite easily. The enhancement tint lenses are semi-transparent in nature and can be perfectly blended with the color of your eyes.

Many people around the globe can be witnessed with the tinted colored lenses accessorized with them. The shades of colored lenses in accordance with the skin tone are inclusive of light blue, hazel, purple, honey, turquoise, sea green, aqua, violet and many more.

Color of Eyes:

The selection process must start with judging the color of the iris of your eyes. This requires you to examine your own eyes. It is suggested to evaluate the matching color of your contact lenses in accordance with the shade of your eyes. Correct decision would add facets of charm to enhance your outlook.

There are different shades suggested for the three normal skin tones of women. These three skin tones are fair skin tone, dark skin tone and tanned skin tone.

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Fair Skin Tone:

A selective choice of cosmetic lens color in relation to the fairer skin tone can build an epitome of beauty at its best. The shade of colored contact lenses must be matching in accordance with the attire worn as well. An inappropriate selection can ruin the versatility of your look. For fairer skin tones, it often suggestive of taking up shades such as gray and blue.

These colors would simply look fabulous and terrific. Any selection of bright, glossy and shiny shade can add largely to the perfection of your personality. Colors like Carrabin, aqua or turquoise can work well with your looks. These colors emboss a mark of freshness to the integrity of your looks.

For Dark Skin Tone:

For a dark colored skin tone or a chocolate colored skin tone, autumn colored or honey colored contact lenses can work wonders to intensify a touch of glamor to your features and to your beauty. These colors spray a hint of naughtiness or mischief to your eyes.

For a sensational or a cooler look, to add a sense of appeal to the eyes, often rare colors such as misty gray or amethyst can suit well. These colors make your eyes go seductive in its looks. A person with a darker skin tone may even take up dilute color ranges of green or blue, but must strictly abstain oneself from bright vibrant colors.

A brighter colored contact lens can spoil the total spirit of elegance in the beauty of woman with a darker shade of skin tone.

For Tanned Skin Tone:

People who have a purely tanned complexion of skin tone can often adhere to shiny shades of contact lenses. Shiny shades may also go well with the olive colored skin toned person, dignifying the boldness in outlook and features.

Dazzling shades add glow to the normal tanned complexion of them, integrating a touch of fashioned styling in their entire aesthetic attributes. It is often advised by beauty professionals all across the continents to strictly avoid any shades of green as their foundation mineral make up with a tanned skin tone, as this color of the foundation would completely destroy the look carried for the occasion.

The color green goes in supplement with environmental friendly colors looking disastrous, thereby, completely shattering the outlook wished to achieve. Gray, hazel or honey can perfectly fit into these skin areas in supplement to green and its variety of shades.

On the other hand, the navy blue color can go perfectly splendid with olive colored skin toned persons, vitrifying their class and richness in cohesive of their looks.

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