Choose Separates Swimwear For Juniors

Choose Separates Swimwear For Juniors Kids are kids! There is no other way to define them. Whether they are at home or in the beach or anywhere else, a trail of mess follows them. It’s only natural that parents worry after each and everything associated with juniors.

At the beach or while they attend their weekly swimming classes, kids could be messy and need to change their swimwear frequently. Add to it the fact that they could be tearing the swim wears off very frequently. How many can you buy in a month?  Have you given up? Don’t! It’s not time yet. Take a look at separates swimwear for juniors.

Why separates swimwear?

Good question!  Imagine the number of one piece swimsuits that you had to throw just because it got worn out or torn only at the bottom. Imagine how many new bikini sets you had abandoned because either the bikini top or the bottom got spoiled.

Imagine how you wished you got a spare or matching bikini top or bottom for the very new set your daughter just spoiled! I am sure these are enough reasons for you to consider looking at separates swimwear for juniors. Now you can look for matches for all the abandoned swimwear that your kids had spoiled.

Choose Separates Swimwear For Juniors

Separates swimwear for juniors allow you to pick up either the bikini top or the bottom, whichever you want to replace. You no longer need to buy bikini sets that are way too expensive and not worth it at all. In fact picking separates is going to be a fun game with your kid.

You can employ your great colour and style sense and come out with thrilling combinations for your kids. You will be surprised as to how good they can look together and would surely appreciate the admiring glances from fellow moms.

How do I choose separates swimwear for my kids?

It’s quite an easy task actually! If you have some basic colour sense and some eye for design, you just can do a wonderful job. Head into the swimwear shop with the styles you want to match, if any. For matching printed styles which you already have, it is better to look for plain coloured pairs as the same print will not be available.

You can look for plain tops and bottoms in any colour that is present in the print, probably a good idea is to go for the more dominant colour. While looking for fresh pairs, you can use your wildest imagination and mix and match prints with prints, prints with plains and plains with plains. There is no rule for this game of choice!

Choose Separates Swimwear For Juniors

However, make sure that you take bright peppy colours, bold prints, floral designs, fruity, wild, springy and geometrical prints, all look good on juniors who are just raring to go.  Make them look wild and absolutely cute. Frills, layers, pleats, strings, tankinis and bikinis, all are available for choice. Involve your kid too in the selection process so that they too have fun all throughout…

Things to keep in mind while choosing separates

While indulging in absolute fun, remember these points to get the best separates for your kids. Always keep the designs simple. Too many buttons, fittings and bows can be avoided as kids are prone to pull them out while they fight or the extra embellishments might just not be able to withstand their rough handling.

The bikini bottoms must especially not have any extra fittings as these are the ones that get worn out fast. Same with layers and long ruffles which might just tear off. Play with colours and prints, rather than fixtures and pleats.

It is always good to look for styles of separates that can be used interchangeably so that a great variety of combinations can be lined up for every day. This will also ensure that if something gets spoiled, be it the top or the bottom part of the bikini, there is always some other bikini top or bottom that can be paired with it leaving you free from the headache of having to go searching for more matching sessions.

Choose Separates Swimwear For Juniors

Coming to fabrics for separates for juniors, there are a variety of them available for you to choose from. But depending on what your preference is, you can choose them wisely. If you want your kid to have airy, comfortable cotton knits and spandex that can absorb sweat well, then go for cool cotton and light weight or combination fabrics for swim separates for juniors.

But they may not necessarily be the best choice if you are looking at long lasting swim dresses that will allow you to keep your wallet closed for some time. Cotton and knitted varieties may wear off fast and may not be able to withstand the tugging, pulling and jumping activities of kids. Nylon and polyester varieties can stay for a long time and are strong and durable. You can also think of going for nylon and polyester varieties for bikini bottoms as bottoms are the first to wear off.

How do I get cheap separates swimwear for juniors?

Visit all the seasonal and year end stock clearance sales to get the best deals. It won’t be a bad idea to stock up on swimwear for the whole season, probably not the whole year as kids grow really fast.

Separates Swimwear For Juniors

Sale seasons in designer stores will give you some high quality separates for which you might even be able to find matching pieces as designer boutiques produce bikini sets which they sell as separates one the season is over and before they launch the next swimwear line.

Swim separates are the best swimwear for junior kids. You must avoid one piece suits at least till they grow out of their naughtiness. One piece suits may be easy to manage, but not a great option for kids. Finally, always remember to get separates, especially bikini tops that kids can wear on their own without help from others. Remember, you are not going to be there all the time to help your kid…


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