Choosing Your Perfect Cocktail Gown

Elegant and mysterious at the same time, cocktail dresses are a must in any woman’s wardrobe who loves to dress well. So, take some precious time out for choosing your perfect cocktail gown and look ravishing at that classy gathering.

A cocktail party is one that is highly popular and special and basically an informal social do. It boasts of an intimate guest list, mixed drinks and some light refreshments. At such a party the focus is obviously on the high glamour quotient, kept subtle at the same time.

Since women are always fascinated by cocktail gowns, these parties become the perfect opportunity to show off a smart figure, look good and attract everybody’s attention The woman who manages to look chic in her gorgeous cocktail gown totally steals the show.

Versatility of Cocktail Dresses

However, this does not mean that you cannot wear that expensive piece anywhere else. Cocktail dresses can be very well worn to any occasions including club get-together, wedding parties, dances, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate dinners, fashion shows, charity events, and others, proms or a private date.

These hot dresses are sexy, manageable, practical, flirtatious and enjoyable to wear. They have been considered sexy attire ever since the 1920’s when women usually wore shot and waist less gowns of silk or chiffon to stand out from the crowd. In a party that might call for a little formal attire, ladies can exude their femininity and look alluring in these dresses at the same time.

How To Choose A Good Cocktail Dress?

Three things should be kept in mind before splurging on a cocktail dress. The first and the most important is the occasion. Since there are different levels of formality, the first step is to determine what type of event you will attend. Decide if you are looking for a cocktail dress or cocktail gown?

You are visitor to an opening of an art gallery or a black tie dinner? The second is to know your body type and dress accordingly. You should go for one that is not just beautiful to look at but suits you as well. The last and most important is to keep track of the fashion trends and invest in something that would stay for some time to come.

The cut and style of dress is important to consider when choosing something flattering. While deciding your cocktail dress, you may go for an ankle length gown or a mid thigh length, whichever accentuates you body shape in the best manner.  Just be careful when you play up your assets in the dress such that it should not look vulgar, be it cleavage or great legs.

A side slit gives you that elegant and glamorous look without being too revealing. A short, sleeveless and figure-hugging dress may look sexy but not if you give the impression of trying too hard to fit into that. A lesser cleavage instead of a plunging neckline goes a long way in rubbing that dust of sophistication into you gown.

Cocktail dresses that fit through waist and bust are the most preferred. For more plus size females, darker colors are better as they make a person look slimmer, while those having fuller thighs and hips should go for long cocktail gowns to completely cover the body.

You have big arms, why not emphasize with spaghetti straps or numbers? If you have beautiful collarbones, you can get a strapless cocktail dress for a try.

Look Slim With Cocktail Dresses

Empire waist line skirts, full skirt designs, two toned dresses all help to make that extra weight invisible. Over-weight women should avoid figure hugging short dressed completely. They should prefer a slightly low cut, v-neck dress with a flared or ruffled skirt.

Do not opt for pastels or dull grays or browns in your cocktail gown as they dampen the mood, while a brighter shade and slight sheen can liven up the mood instantly. Any body type may be presented well in soft, sleek and exotic fabric materials.

A good place to start choosing is with the color of the dress. In general, black evening dresses are very popular because they are more flattering for most body types and multiple useful, because they can be worn to future events.

All time favorite are other colors like purple, blue, pink, brown and magenta. Velvets in jewel tones look wonderful for curvy women. Flashy colors are a strict no when it comes to cocktail gowns.

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So are loads of extra add-on like faux diamonds, beads or sequins as they give the impression of a bit over-done. For that casual and elegant look maintain the toned-down and uncomplicated styles. The purpose or the event also influences the choice in terms of the color and fabric.

For example, for a modest outing you may opt for a cotton dress, a shiny material for a meeting with friends while a romantic evening calls for something regal like duchess satin or silk.

Materials like tulle, georgette, crepe and chiffon look equally enchanting. The wide array of designs and brands give you an amazing choice for selecting your mesmerizing number.

Go Bling With Your Cocktail Dresses

For ladies who have the habit to adapt to the conventional patterns, an attractive cocktail dress covered with sequins or Swarovski with a strange detail can be quite outstanding.

Beautiful embroidered bodice of strapless dresses show the inclinations towards richness, while a beautifully shaped neckline like that of a heart gives you that extra ounce on glamour and boldness at the most awaited parties.

To accessorize, add shiny earrings, delicate neck-pieces, a matching pair of heels and maybe a handbag with that quintessential designer label on it to give the complete look. Take the cue from the chic and put a belt on your dress, and keep the style far from outdated. Silver and gold open toed heels give the best company to you cocktail gown.

Without doubt, the eclectic ranges of cocktail gowns designed by world-class fashion designers do not come cheap, but then they are worth every penny spent on them.

The best part about designer label gowns is the quality of the fabric used with its perfect color and expensive feel and look. Celebrity fashion designers famed for cocktail gowns are Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Vera Wang, Stella McCartney, and Carolina Herrera.

For a real touch of luxury with reality, the top fashion designers with the most desired designs are Diane von Furstenburg and Jessica McClintock. Make sure you start well in advance in search of the dress and keep all these factors in mind in order to choose your perfect cocktail gown.

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