Clothing Messages – Subconscious Factors That Determine a Person’s Clothing Style.

Humans are social animals and ever since beginning of civilization and society system every person has made a conscious effort to make a place for them in the society. We all want to be recognized, appreciated, respected and in some cases be considered as an authority figure in a society.

Amongst other things, clothing is one factor that determines the standing of a person in the society. It is said and proved that a long lasting impression is created in the first four minutes of meeting an individual.

The way a person dresses himself determines his individuality. It is said that the person who wears the clothes sends out signals and the observer, interprets these signals. Theoretically they are called sender and receiver.

The messages send out determines the person’s social class, ethnicity, occupation, income, religious affiliation and sexual orientation even. Clothes also help the wearer establish their personal identity and whether they are maintaining or rebel social group norms.

Uniforms are one of the best examples of a clothing message send out by the wearer. Worn by millions of students and employees around the world, a uniform helps identify the group they are representing. Also, it symbolizes the role played by the wearer along with the power and authority that person holds in the group.

Clothing symbols are very dynamic they assume different meanings depending on who wears the clothes and when and where they wear it. For e.g.: wearing a formal suit for an important business meeting sends out a different message than wearing the same suit while going to a club for a party.

The main factor that influences a wearer to select a piece of clothing is the socialization process.
Along with that the interpersonal and intrapersonal development of the person also plays a key role in determining how he or she dresses.

Socialization processes are the demographic and lifestyle aspects of a person that influence their fashion involvement and consumer behavior. Interpersonal development is basically how the person places himself in the society.

Including, the amount of self confidence he possesses and how he wants to represent himself to his peers in the society. Intrapersonal development is the ability of a person to think critically and analytically and his ability to adapt in the environment.

Every individual sunconsciously have these factors in their mind while they step out to face the world.

Meera M.Das