Clothing Tips On French Fashion

Tips On French Fashion French women have always been the epitome of chic and style. They wear their clothes like no other in the world. It seems like every woman wears the latest fashions clothings. The truth of the matter is that like anywhere else in the world, not all French women can afford to buy Parisian couture clothes.

But they always make a fashion statement by following a few simple rules that never change, no matter how many decades go by.

Classic Styles And Solid Colors 

The secret to getting that elusive Parisian style is not having a whole closet full of couture, but a few basic clothes and accessories. Every woman needs a white shirt, a perfect pair of trousers, a well-fitting jacket and a black dress with a flattering silhouette that can be worn for any occasion depending on how you accessorize.

A silk scarf and jewelry that enhance your style as well as your personality are also equally important. With these staples, you can create a new look by mixing and matching your clothing and accessories.

Solid colors and classic styles is what French fashion is all about. You’ll notice that French women wear a lot of black. If there’s a bright color in vogue, they’ll incorporate it into their ensemble in the form of a purse or a scarf or a bright red lipstick.

This adds that extra oomph to all their outfits. Earthy colors like beige, brown, black and white are favorites with French women; so to get their look, you could try clothes in these colors with minimalistic and simple cuts.

Tips On French Fashion

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Balance And Confidence

In today’s modern society, French women have become more daring in the way they dress. Not necessarily in showing off their physical assets, but more in colors and patterns. But they still keep it chic by balancing their outfit with basic clothing and colors. You can wear patterns in bright colors but need to make sure that the cut is simple and not too over-the-top.

Most of all, French style is about knowing what looks good on you and not just following the latest trends. The women there know that if you feel good in what you wear and are comfortable, you instantly look good.

They realize the importance of having confidence. French women aren’t taught to mold themselves to a certain look; they’re taught to assess themselves and seek what pieces work best for them aesthetically.  This confidence, independence and self awareness make them fascinating and sexy.

So the bottom line is that if you want to get the classic French look, all you need is to know what does and doesn’t look good on you and goes with your lifestyle, make wise choices and not feel the need to have a closet full of clothes, instead having a few classic clothes that are always in style.

Making clothes and accessories work together aesthetically is important. Blindly following what others are wearing is a no-no. Instead balance what’s in with classic pieces and you’ll never go wrong. Keep all these in mind.

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