Conditioners For Dry Hair

Dry and frizzy hair has become a problem for most women. Girls who like to style their hair using new techniques of hair styling including curling and straightening irons, rollers, streaking, etc complain of dry and brittle hair.

The harmful chemicals used in styling processes along with the polluted air cause hair to become rough and prone to breakage. Extreme weather conditions, exposure to harmful rays of sun, genetic factors, etc also make hair brittle and damaged.

To avoid such damage and prevent hair loss, it is important to take good care of your hair. The best way to deal with dryness in hair is to moisturize the hair by using conditioners.

You can even opt for conditioners which are especially made for dry hair to make your hair look soft and nourished. Though many renowned brands have come up with hair care products like conditioners to treat dry hair, you can even use natural ingredients to get rid of dry hair.

Such conditioners made from natural ingredients form a protective cover on the hair, preventing them from damage due to sun and other harmful chemicals. They restore the natural texture of the hair and do not pose any ill-effects.

Vinegar is an excellent remedy for dry hair as it moisturizes the hair by re-establishing the pH balance. Dandruff, which is generally a result of dry hair, can also be controlled by using vinegar.

To apply vinegar, gently massage few drops of vinegar into your scalp and then rinse it away with water. A blend of olive oil, eggs and vinegar is an excellent conditioner for hair.

You need to apply this mixture on the hair for around half an hour and cover the hair using a shower cap. Then rinse your hair with water and you will notice the difference n your hair immediately.

Another mixture consisting of yogurt, egg yolk and coconut oil is quite effective in nourishing dry hair. Or else you can simply massage olive oil onto your scalp and leave it on for half an hour.

Once the oil has been absorbed in the scalp you can rinse it away with water. These remedies are quite effective in treating the problem of dry hair.