Cool Short Hairstyles For Men

Men are mostly seen wearing short hairstyles. But sometimes these hairstyles become very boring. So, you should constantly change your hairstyle to get a fresh look. And the haircut styles like buzz haircut, and layers can really make you look very funky and cool, while some of them like Caesar haircut can give you a very elegant and handsome look.

But haircut says a lot about who we are and it depicts our personality. So here are various kinds of cool and smart hair cuts and you can try them all according to your facial features and your personality. You can consult your hair stylist to select the best ones for you.

1. Tapered Haircut

This hair cut is one of the most traditional hairstyles, and compliments any type of face cuttings. In this haircut, the sides and the back of the hair are cut a little shorter than the hairs on the crown. And this is also one of the hairstyles, which can be sported in any kind of occasions, and it also looks very smart and decent.

2. Buzz Cut

The buzz hair cut is a very short hair cut. In this style, the hairs are cut evenly, and they are sometimes cut so short, that the scalp can be seen through the hairs.

Sometimes various shapes are also are made with the hairs, and they look like patterns made on the head. Buzz hair cut looks good on oval, square, round, oblong, heart and diamond shaped faces. This hair cut is very popular among teens. This style is very cool, and easy to carry and maintain.

3. Crew Cut

This hair cut is also a very cool hair cut, and many celebrities like David Beckham, Ricky Martin and Jake Gyllenhaal have popularized the cut, by sporting it themselves.

In this hair cut, the hairs are cut extremely short at the sides and the back and it is kept a little longer at the top of the head. Some people like to keep the top part of the hair short, while some like it long, while some people also like to make a flat top. You can wear this style if you have oval, square or round face.

4. Caesar Hair Cut

Caesar hair cut is one of the most stylish haircuts, and it makes the wearer look very smart and elegant. This hairstyle is primarily popularized by George Clooney.

You can use this hair cut if you have fine hair,because this is a type of layered hair cut, and it adds volume to the hair and it goes very well with squared, oval, and round shaped faces.

The hairs are trimmed by keeping half or one inch hair from the scalp. The sides and back portions of the hair are combed straight, while the front part is combed in a manner that the hairs fall on the forehead.

5. Messy Spiky Hairstyle

As we all know, that both messy and spiky hair styles are more of casual hair styles, and you will require very little time and hair products to set this style. In this hair cut,the whole hair is cut into very short layers and spikes are made on the top part of the head.

You can just use a mist and then run your fingers through the hairs, to achieve the messy look.  And this hair cut looks good when the hair remains a little relaxed and messy. This hair style is very cool, and now-a-days it has gained great popularity among men.

Deblina Ray