Cosmetics And Beauty Products

Nowadays, Cosmetics is used by men and women alike, to enhance the beauty of their skin and look attractive.

Along with the purpose of augmenting a person’s beauty, cosmetics serve the additional purpose of protecting against skin damage like tanning from the harmful rays of sun or reducing the occurrence of acne, etc.

Skincare products can be broadly classified into cosmetics and drugs. The former is responsible for altering the outer appearance of the skin while the latter modifies the structure of skin tissues to improve its beauty. Products which can improve the appearance of your skin without changing the structure of skin cells are referred to as Cosmeceutical.

It is a myth that Cosmeceutical products consisting of natural substances as their ingredients cannot harm the skin. Some people are allergic to substances like lavender, chamomile, tea tree, etc. which can cause itchy skin and rashes.

Therefore it is recommended to test a new product on your arm before applying it to your face. Furthermore it is advised to not to share makeup of other cosmetics with other people as sharing your makeup can transfer the germs or skin problems of the other persons in your product.

Many of the products on the shelf claim to be made of natural ingredients. However the truth is that most of these products contain synthesized substances and hence can be harmful for your skin. Similarly products which boast of being perfume free contain preservatives.

Preservatives are added to increase the shelf life of a product but they can adversely harm the health of your skin. Thus one must be very careful while purchasing a Cosmeceutical product. And if a certain allergic reaction is triggered on use of a product, the advice of a skin doctor should be immediately taken.

Skin is a highly sensitive organ quite susceptible to pollutants in the air and harmful chemicals contained in Cosmeceutical products. The chances of a cosmetic product containing skin damaging chemicals are quite high. Testing the product for it purity is utmost important to maintain the beauty of your skin and prevent it from damage.