Determine Your Skin Tone

Dressing well is a priority with many women. Every fashion conscious women spends a huge amount on their hair color, makeup, clothes, jewellery etc. If you are someone who aspires to look their best, then let me inform you that just keeping up with the latest trends is not enough. There is more to add to your kitty of the fashion encyclopaedia.

We have all heard about knowing and understanding our body and wearing clothes that flatter our body type. But while keeping all fashion tips in mind we forget about an extremely important factor that helps us in looking our best, our skin tone. If you do not know your skin tone, then trust me you must have certainly made a faux pas or two by now.

If you know your skin tone, then the hair color, shades of make-up, and hues of the clothes chosen by you would compliment you better. Otherwise you are likely to pick an outfit in a color that looks awkward or hair color that makes your hair look dowdy. There are three types of skin tones, neutral tone, warm tone and cool tone.  A few methods have been listed below that can help you to determine your skin tone.

The first one is quite simple. Wash your face properly after removing all the makeup carefully. Then stand in front of the mirror and observe your bare skin on the face as well as the neck.  Next, hold a clean white towel near your face. If your skin appears to be yellow or goldenish next to the towel, then you have a warm skin tone. On the contrary, if your skin looks a shade of pink, red or bluish red, then you have a cool skin tone. If you cannot observe anyone of these in a sharp contrast, then you have a neutral skin tone.

You can also try observing the skin on a few parts of your body. For instance, examine the color of your veins. If they are greenish then your skin tone is warm. Otherwise, if they look bluish, then your skin tone is cool. Also try to scrutinize the skin behind your ears or around the nail bed. People with warm tone will have a yellow skin here. While, pink, peachy, reddish-blue, or pinkish-blue skin is observed among people with a cool tone. Again if you cannot distinguish any one shades strongly, then you have a neutral skin tone. You might want to consult a professional stylist before you jump to any conclusions though!