Different Bikini Styles For Women

A bikini is a two piece swimwear that you use while swimming or for other water sports activities and competitions. A bikini exposes most parts of your midriff, thighs and back and is currently one of the most popular swim wears among women. While wearing a bikini, every woman wants to project the best aspects of their body.

A bikini top comes in various styles and degrees of body coverage. The bottom can be a normal panty or in a variety of styles ranging from G strings, T backs, thongs,  Rios and much more which can expose as much as leaving nothing to the imagination or cover so as to keep guessing what’s inside!

Here are some of the best styles in bikinis for women. You can flaunt them and be the best bikini babes in the beach…

A classic bikini

This bikini is never out of style and is the most modest of all bikini styles. The top part of a classic bikini resembles a traditional bra with a full cup that offers good coverage and support. It comes with moulded cups, padding, push ups or wiring to suit various demands. A classic bikini bottom looks like a simple panty with the sides, front and back adequately covered.

String Bikini

String bikinis are all about the usage of strings for tying and connecting the pieces. A string bikini top comes with two pieces of triangle connected by a string at the bottom and strings at the top which can be tied at the nape of the neck or worn around the neck if it is a single string. String bikini bottoms have strings at the sides which can be tied according to your size and triangle front and back portions. String bikini tops give a light lift to your breasts as they are sling around the neck and give a better cleavage line.

Halter Bikini Tops

Halter bikinis too have strings that can be tied at the back or worn around the neck if they are of a fixed size. The straps lift the breasts and give it a more voluptuous look with a well defined and sexier cleavage line.  Halter bikini bottoms can be of any style depending on how much you are willing to expose and how far you would want to cross the modesty line. You have G- strings, thongs, V strings, T backs, Tanga and Rio styles to explore for bottom styles…

Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeau styles are worn like a band around the upper body. Mostly coming with a gathered style in the middle with a bow or a ring or a tie which gathers the fabric into a bunch, bandeau tops act as a minimizer and give a less obvious but sexy bust line. Depending on the style, bandeau top bikinis can give a good cleavage line or a flat look if it sits high on the bust. Again, you can play around with your bikini bottoms by matching any style with your bandeau bikini top.


Tankinis have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, especially in the kids’ swimwear market. Tankinis have a tank top and a bikini bottom.  They offer the coverage of a one piece swim suit and the sensuality of a bikini without having to reveal your midriff.

A great advantage of a tankini is that you do not have to remove the whole swimsuit like in the case of a one piece swimwear if you so wish to use the toilet. Tankinis can be moulded into any style like a halter neck, strapless, padded, push ups, wired etc.


A very controversial bikini which had a traditional bikini bottom which has strings that are slung around the shoulders, the strings covering only the nipples and nothing else. The monokini was later changed into a more wearable style which is a one piece swimsuit where the top and the bottom sections are held by a piece of fabric in the middle, leaving the sides bare.

Sports bikini Top

Sports bikini top resembles a sports bra and is very comfortable with reinforced front panels for preventing the nipples from showing through. They can be racer back or with wide bands that are curved away from the shoulders. They cover the top portion well and are a very comfortable swimwear for competition sports.

Thong Bikinis

This daring bikini bottom is reserved for daring women and those who have curves that deserve attention. They feature thin strings at the back which make their way into the cheeks of your buttocks leaving your butts exposed. Thong bikini bottoms have different degrees of exposure depending on whether you wear a G string, V string, T back, Rio or a Tanga. T backs are best for tanning as they give minimal tan line on your body.

Boy Shorts

A bikini bottom that offers the coverage of shorts, boy shorts resemble hot pants and cover the crotch, hips and upper part of the thighs. Boy shorts are good for modest women. However they will make your legs appear shorter.
Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilians women love thongs and bikinis and so there are many Brazilian bikini styles that have become popular over the years. Starting with the bikini tops we have string tops which have triangular fabrics that barely cover your top and halter tops that enhance your bust line.

Bottom wear comes in a number of styles with varied standards of exposure. A Rio style comes with a more modest and bigger piece of fabric covering the front and straps that ride up the waist. Tanga covers the front and the back well and exposes only the bottom portion of your buttocks. Asa Delta has a wider strap with a narrower back.

Whatever bikini style you choose you have to make sure that it suits your body shape. Heavy and large breasted women must avoid wearing two piece suits that will show their extra body mass. They must go for one piece styles that can hide their flaws.


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