Different Kinds Of Fasionable Hats

Hats that have been around for more than 100 hear are the classical and basic top hats. These hats were pretty common in the 19th century and much worn by the common man. Hats have always been a fashion statement.

Hat is an accessory which can be worn with any kind of outfit. It can be worn with casual jeans as well as with the dress but the style always varies. Hats are very common amongst both men and women.

Hats can either make or break the outfit. Hats can be used for many purposes like they can be used to cover the hair and also people can remember by the hat.

There are different kinds of hats which are available in market and each hat is different from another in some or the other way. Hats can sometimes be expensive. Hats not only give sun protection in summer but also give warmth in winter.

Parts of Hat

A hat is made up of three parts these are crown, brim and peak.
Crown is the main part and it is that part which sits on the head or mainly covers the whole head. Brim is the part which is the circumference of the crown and it is usually made up of stiff material. Peak is somewhat similar to brim but it projects from the front and usually helps to provide shade.

Types of Hats

There are various kinds of hats which are available in market but some are more popular or influential than others. The most common and popular hats are top hat, sports hat, bowler hat, and military hat.

Top Hat

Top hats were first made in China in 1800’s and have been popular since then. During that time middle class men’s used to wear to gain respect and show their personality. It’s a kind of hat which is worn during riding and hunting to give protection.

It is more often worn by politicians, professionals and stage performers so that people can take them seriously and also they look like a gentleman when it is paired with the formal suit.

Top hats are not comfortable to wear but they are quite popular among men. Top hats are not worn by the man every day. The fashion of the top hats has never died out it is still popular with men as it was before.

Bowler Hats

Bowler hats were designed somewhere in 1850’s. It is supposed to be both fashionable and functional. It is not to be worn with formal attire but it is supposed to be mainly worn during riding as it is made up of metal and protects the wearer. The hard metal protects the wearer from the objects falling on his head. This hat is quite popular and used for sports like cricket and football.

Military Hats

In order to protect the soldiers who were engaged in battle military hats were provided as they are protective helmets. These hats are used only on a specific purpose.

Sports Hats

Sports hats are not meant for fashion but they are used to serve the purpose. As the name suggest sports hat are meant for the protecting the player from rainy and summer weather. The sports where such kind of hats is most needed are while playing golf, horse racing and cricket as these games need more protection and safety than other games.

Modern Hats

Apart from all the above hats there are other kind of fashionable hats which are quite popular. Bucket hat is popular amongst beach goers and the fishermen’s as it protects the wearer eyes from the sun. Cowboy hats are also very popular and it is best suited with a pair of trousers and jacket.

Hats like peaked hats, cowboy hats, beret hats etc. Hats which are made up of cloth, leather or are knitted are called as beret hats. They are usually of rich colors and have many patterns. Peaked hats are mainly meant for people who prefer small hats.

Advantages of Hats

Hats are the great accessory as it can go with any kind of outfit like jeans or dress. It also acts helps to protect from sun as well as give warmth in winter.
Hat can also hide face as well as can only cover the head thus it depends on you as which kind of hat you want to wear.

You can choose the hat which suits your face and body. Always choose a hat which contract your face and body features.

Thus there are varieties of options available in the market and you can choose as per your preference, style and comfort. If you have miniature physique try to go for smaller hat as to the big hat can overpower and will not look descent. If you are tall try to choose a wide hat i.e., which has wide brim and has a small crown.

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Hats are the most important part of mans outfit and has their status in the society. Hats are worn as fashion accessories and also they keep the head warm in winter and protect the head from sun in summer. There is no longer associated as a status symbol it is more of a style symbol nowadays.

Hats are the important outfit for man and woman wardrobe and are the fashion statement. People keep variety of hats and wear those hats as per the occasion like summer hats, winter hats, sun hats etc which means that people just needs a reason to buy hat. A hat has an ability to distinguish you from others.

It has always been used as an accessory to decorate the dressing and it is still used like that. Thus hats have never been and can never be outdated. People are attracted to others because of the hats as it gathers the first attention to the face and also it is considered as the fashion statement.

During summers it help to provide the face and head from sun and gives warmth during winter. It can serve multipurpose it not only protects from sun or wind but also act as the fashion statement.

Thus it is still not a time to bid good bye from cool hats and there will be a time to bid good bye from hats as hats has always been very popular and will always be popular.

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