Different Types of Body Scrubs

Every day we have a new exfoliator hitting the beauty shelves that promise to be equipped with a new beauty breakthrough. Too many scrubs with too many ingredients, but which one is supposed to work for you. Read on to know more about the different ingredients that work for different skin types. The next time you visit a beauty store, make sure to look for these in your body scrub

Caribbean therapy

A lot of scrubs specialize in the Caribbean therapy. This therapy is a combination of essential salts, Caribbean can sugar, coconut and avocado oil to smoothen your body. This combination is beneficial for exfoliating dry and flaky skin and at the same time providing essential nourishment through coconut.

Satsuma Polish

Satsuma is a seedless citrus fruit of Japanese origin. It looks and smells similar to an orange. Satsuma is an excellent exfoliator. Look for scrubs that are gel based having a combination of Satsuma and walnuts.  Satsuma has an amazing aroma that lifts up your senses. This an effective scrub that works best for combination skin. It cleans your skin and exfoliates it at the same type.

Dead Sea therapy

Skin type:

Studies show that the minerals found in the Dead Sea are extremely beneficial for your skin. These minerals also help in restoring the youthfulness of your face. Look for scrubs that have a combination of Dead Sea salts and essential oils. It is best suited for dry skin and is a decent exfoliator.

Ice Musk

Scrubs that have ice musks are instant skin refreshers and toners. The combination has a long lasting aroma and can be easily used on all skin types.

Salt scrub

Salt scrub is the most effective exfoliator. Look for salt scrubs that have a combination and glycerin and have an oil-free consistency. While the salt helps in removing dead cells, the glycerin moisturizes and nourishes your skin.


Microbeads are meant to scrub off dead skin cells. It cleanses your skin your skin gently without acting harsh. Look for combinations that have microbeads and jojoba oil or lemon extracts. Skin feels smoother and refreshed post application. The scrub is best suited for oily skin type.

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