Different Types Of Sterling Silver Chains

Types Of Sterling Silver Chains Sterling silver is the combination of 90% pure silver with 10% different alloys to make it more durable and strong. In the fashion world of jewelry sterling silver has made its own position, status. It has gained its own charm. Sterling silver can be used to form different kinds of jewelry, including bracelets, chains, anklets, necklaces or pendants.

To believe its authenticity .925 is written behind sterling silver jewelry. It is available at affordable prices and is as beautiful as any other precious metal. It is gaining popularity because of its durability, delicate work, affordable prices, and graceful designs.

Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling chain is becoming the popular choice among jewelry freaks around the globe. Sterling silver chain is durable and can be worn plain or can be teamed up with pendant. It is available in variety of styles and shapes. Its length depends upon the gender. If men wants to wear sterling silver chain, they would like bigger chains but when women have to wear it they will gravitate towards sleek looking chains. Both men and women are deeply in love with sterling silver chains. These chains are available in different range from smallest to biggest, from lightest to heaviest.

Types of Sterling Silver Chains

1. Box Chain

This chain has broad square links interlinked together to form a chain. This type of chain is very strong and cannot be easily broken.

2. Cable Chain

This is the most popular chain consist of oval and round links of same size. It is commonly worn along with pendants. This chain is heavier in weight and more attractive.

3. Curb and Figaro Chains

Curb chain has flat oval and circular loops of same size interlinked together to form chain. This chain is more popular in anklet making and bracelet making. It gives a unique look to the chain and available in fine and heavier weight.

  Different Types Of Sterling Silver Chains

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Figaro chain has flat oval and circular loops but interlinking pattern is different. In this one larger loop is linked with two or three smaller loops.

4. Omega chain

It has smooth, round silver plates arranged side by side to give it the durability and flexibility.

5. Anchor chain

This chain is popular for bracelets and necklaces. This type of chain reflects a lose symbol of eight. In this an oval shaped disk is taken and two o-shaped lops are arranged to form eight. This gives a distinctive appearance to this chain for which this chain is worn plain without any pendant.

6. Belcher chain

It is a simple chain with similar design loops interlinked with each other to make it look attractive.

  Sterling Silver Chains

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It can be teamed up with pendant or can be used as bracelet. It has variety of designs.

7. Stick Chain

It has slim cylinders attached with single sterling silver links in a distinctive pattern. These chains are available in different lengths depending upon individual tastes.

After learning so many different types of sterling silver chain, it is completely on individual’s style, fashion taste and opinion that which style will suit him or her better.

Pratik Basu