Do-It-Yourself Pedicure

Your feet have to be taken care equally as the other parts of your body. Beautiful feet is the sign of complete beautiful you. The feet care cannot be ignored in our daily busy life. The first impression of your feet can also create good or bad impression about you as a beautiful lady.

Going for pedicure every week can prove to be expensive as well as time consuming. We need to find the way out to have a professional pedicure at home. You require just few things like cotton pads, liquid soap, bathing salt, nailbrush, foot scrapper or pumic stone. And yes how can we forget moisturizers. Firstly remove the old nail polish using the acetone with cotton pads. Do not use cotton balls as it sticks to the nail once nail polish removed.

If the nail polish is dark and not getting rid of easily then soak the nails with acetone for some time and let it get wet. After some time rub it with cotton pad and it will be removed. Then soak the feet in Luke warm water for some 20 to 25 minutes. Add the liquid soap and/or bathing salt in the water. This will help in easy-to-clean your feet. After the feet has become wet use nailbrush to remove the dead skin on the nails. Cut the nails in proper shape.

Then use filer to make the nails smooth and in shape. Now time for foot scrapper. Brush and rub the foot scrapper to the inner part of your feet specially the back part of your feet. This will remove the dead cells, dead skin and dirt from your feet. Then let your feet dry for some 5 minutes. After drying your feet massage it with moisturizer.

A personal tip is, first massage your feet with some lemon extract. It will definitely help those with dry skin. Lemon nourishes your skin and tightens it. Then massage the feet with moisturizer for some 10 minutes and then apply the first coat of your nail polish. Let it dry for some time and then apply the second coat. This helps to spread the color on your nails. Your feet are now ready to add glow to your beauty.