Do You Still Love Him – Know The Truth

Love is strange. We keep falling in and out of love. But sometimes it so happens that we are unable to stop loving our ex. This can be a really difficult situation.

If you too doubt that you still love your ex, then it is better to find out the truth so that you can take suitable steps to help yourself get out of this tricky situation. There are a few signs which will disclose to you whether you still love him or is it something else.

Find out if you keep thinking about him almost always. If his thoughts keep coming to you and you are often lost in them, then there is a big possibility that you are still in love with him. In that case, he and his thoughts will not only come in your mind when you are alone and having free time, but also in between your work. You will find yourself thinking about him and missing him while having fun with other people. His thoughts will probably be the first one to come to you after you wake up in the morning and the last one before you go to bed.

If you are in still in love with him then you will find yourself visiting those places where you used to go with him. You may also go to certain places where he is supposed to be at a certain time in the hope that you can see him or meet him once.

Another sign of still being in love with your ex is a strong urge to talk to him or at least hear his voice. In that case, you may call him up and not speak a word but just hear his voice, hold on for a few seconds and disconnect the line. It may also give birth to a hope, or a wish, that he might call you up.

If you take the pain to visit his work location and wait there to get a glimpse of him, then it surely is nothing but love.Even after breaking up with him do you still feel concerned about his well being? Or does the thought of a new girl in his life arouse jealousy, anger and pain all together in you? If the answer to all these is “yes” then you surely are still in love with him.

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