Do’s And Don’ts For First Date Dressing – How To Dress To Flatter

A first date is very intimidating. What is even worse is you have to choose the outfit- one that flatters you and one that will make a good first impression. There are those who don’t really care about what they wear however your date will definitely expect to see you in your best outfits.

While gladiator sandals and harem pants may be the latest trend a man is not going to be flattered seeing you in this attire. For this reason you must choose attire that makes you look very feminine and sexy.

You may choose to wear a pair of well fitting trousers, jeans that hug you the right way, tops that are flowing and showcase your assets and skirts that don’t draw the wrong kind of attention. Fabrics need to be smooth and flowing. Don’t even think of wearing boyfriend jeans, baggy trousers or over sized T shirts.

For your first date you need to wear clothes that will reflect your true personality. This means that you need to choose clothes that accentuate your figure and give the true idea of the kind of person that you are. You can choose to wear clothes that are sexy but not too outrageous.

Turtleneck sweaters are not appropriate for your first date. Instead wear a tube top or a camisole with a jacket or a shrug. This will give a hint of femininity and grace to your outfit and your look.

You may choose to wear a pair of heels however don’t wear shoes that are difficult to walk in for a long periods. Chances are that you may spend sometime walking after you date so choose a pair that is easy to walk in.

The worst mistake you could make is to dress provocatively on your first date. This will give your date the wrong idea about your personality. If you are a person who believes in following trends then don’t wear too many styles at the same time. Restrict your clothes to look graceful not arrogant.

Wearing too many labels is a complete turn off so don’t try to impress your date by wearing them. Don’t feel restricted to wearing the little black dress from your closet. A man loves a woman who is bold enough to wear bold colors like red or green. Girlie colors like shades of blue and pink are also a great hit.

Remember, you need to choose an outfit that you are comfortable wearing. At the end of the day your date needs to be impressed by you and not your outfit.