Easy Hair Removal

Whether you have soft hair growth or the rough, uneven ones, there are several ways you can get rid of them and achieve a smooth skin. There are several hair removal creams in the market to choose from. However if you opt for these creams make sure to find out whether it suits your skin type. If you wish to avoid the creams try out waxing or shaving. Find out the proper guidelines before you begin.


Before you try out shaving unwanted hair all by yourself, check out for these important basics that help you achieve a smooth flawless skin. Shaving is one of the simplest and easiest ways of getting rid of body hair. It does not remove hair from the roots therefore, the effect of shaving are very short-lived. Follow these simple steps to ensure a risk-free shaving experience.

Begin with skin exfoliation. Removing the dead skin cells before shaving facilitate the process. Always remember to apply a good amount of moisturizer on your body around 20 minutes before shaving. The moisturizer leaves your skin oily and forms a protective layer. Shaving on dry skin can cause several problems like rashes and bumps.

Use lukewarm water to soften the skin before shaving. Be careful and go slow while shaving to avoid cuts. Apply an antiseptic cream if there are any cuts. Avoid using deodorants on the area immediately post shaving. Apply an aloe-vera lotion if there is irritation or redness. If there are signs of infection or pimples, visit the doctor immediately.


Opt for a body exfoliation one day in advance. Waxing, if not done properly can leave permanent marks and also cause skin damage. If you wish to try waxing at home instead of the parlors, be extremely careful. Begin with waxing a small area; wait for few minutes to see if there are any signs of skin irritations. Once there are no signs of prominent signs continue with the rest.

Use a cooling gel post waxing. Do not apply perfumes on freshly waxed areas as the irritation might increase further leading to rashes. Always apply a sunblock on waxed areas for protection

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