Easy Tips On How To Make A Bolo Tie

A Bolo or Bola tie is essentially braided leather with decorative tips and an ornamental clasp worn around the neck like a tie.It originated in America and is said to have been worn since the late 1880s.

This type of necktie is considered the official neckwear of Arizona as well as New Mexico.This type of necktie is extremely popular in the western states of the United States of America and it is called bootlace tie in the United Kingdom. Bolo ties are worn by a lot of politicians in New Mexico and Arizona.

The Bolo Tie is quite easy to make. You have to follow a few simple steps to make a Bolo tie.

The Cord

The Cord in the Bolo tie is usually made of braided leather and it can be used in any color. So you can go ahead and select a bolo tie in a shade you would like to wear and you must ensure that it is 40 inches in length and about half a centimeter in width.

cord in the Bolo tie

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Now you must stand in front of the mirror and put the braided leather around your neck. Let the loose ends hang down evenly and cut off the ends if you find it too long. A bolo tie is usually 35 to 40 inches long so ensure that you don’t cut off the leather braid too much.

Bolo Slide

Now you must put one end of the string through one bend of the bolo slide. In case the braided cord does not fit in the bolo slide correctly, you can use a set of pliers to open it wider.

Bolo Slide

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Use a metal filing agent to ensure that the tips of the slider are not sharp as this can damage the braided cord. Once you have filed the slider you must first wipe it with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth to ensure that the edges are smooth and there is no metal residue left behind.

The Centerpiece

The Centerpiece of the bolo tie can be any decorative round piece that is flat at the back. This centerpiece needs to be glued onto the tie and this can be done using jewelers glue.

Centerpiece of the bolo tie

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However before you glue it on, you must wipe the centerpiece well so that it can stick well onto the braided leather. After you have applied glue, set the bolo tie aside for at least an hour to let the adhesive do its work.

Putting The Bolo Tie On

To put it all together, put both ends of the braided leather strings through the bolo slider from the top.This will ensure that the centerpiece will be correctly oriented. Now tighten the ends of the bolo slide and as a finishing touch, you can add metal tips.

Putting The Bolo Tie On

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Now the bolo tie is ready and when you want to wear it push the bolo slide to the tips and put the tie over your neck. Secure near the neck for a formal look and slightly lower for a casual day out.

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