Effective Home Remedies For Hair Growth

If you are dressed to kill and your hair refuses to behave, it can mar your whole personality. Well tamed hair looks beautiful and attractive. Hair growth is affected by both internal and external factors. A mere change in diet or hormones can lead to problems like hair loss or premature graying of hair.

The environmental factors like dirt, oil and pollution causes the problem of frequent breakage or excess oil in hair. It is important to address both these factors. Hair loss, premature graying of hair, alopecia and dandruff are common hair problems. With little care and attention your dream of getting gorgeous mane can be fulfilled.

Don’t panic if you lose few strands of hair. Empirically, losing 50-100 strands of hair in a day is normal. Faulty diet, prolonged illness or health disorders can also cause falling of hair. Make sure you take a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamin B, zinc and calcium. High protein foods like cheese, fish, poultry, nuts and milk should be incorporated.

Strong immune system helps in strengthening the hair follicles from within. Detoxify yourself by drinking plenty of water. It will flush out the toxins, harmful substances and other impurities from your body. Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Stress management and maintaining healthy balance of mind is indispensable for natural hair growth. Try yoga, meditation techniques together with physical exercises to get the perfect balance of mind and soul.

Frequent hair styling like ironing, curling of hair can make the hair brittle and lifeless. Make sure after rigorous hair styling you replenish your hair. Oil your hair once a week with almond oil or olive oil. It will improve blood circulation and provide nourishment. Wash your hair with mild shampoo every alternate day. Condition your hair with good conditioner after every wash. Trim your hair every four-six weeks. Avoid wide tooth plastic combs.

Switch to wooden combs as these reduce static from hair and keep your hair tangle free. Another hair growth home remedies; massage onion juice on the scalp once a week and leave it for two- four hours. This will promote hair growth. Do not use hot water for washing of hair. It will make them dry and promote breakage. Follow these simple tips. Avoid using superfluous products on hair. Consult a dermatologist, if the need persists. Keep tensions and stress at bay and say hello to shiny and glossy mane.