Eight Exclusive Tips To Take Care Of Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has excessive demand among modern men and women. First of all silver is an inexpensive metal that is why it does not create pressure on your pocket. Secondly silver goes with all types of attire whether it is formal or casual.

Silver is a soft metal and that is why you can make anything with silver. Some people love intricate traditional design of silver and some love to wear gem studded silver jewelry. Among silver ornaments silver chains, bracelets, rings, ear rings are popular.  But silver needs more care than any other metal.

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Unless you take proper and timely care of silver ornaments it will get tarnished and will loose its original color and shine. This article will help you to know how to take the proper care of the silver so that you can use it years after years in good form.

Use Silver Jewelry Daily:

Use your silver jewelry daily. Silver remains best in daily use. If you keep it for special occasion and preserve it under lock and key, the silver will get tarnished easily due to oxidation reaction. So wear it regularly. But after every use wash it with plain water to remove sweat and perspiration and wipe it with clean cloth to make it dry.

Separate Box for Silver Jewelry:

Because of the extra soft nature of silver it gets scratch easily. So to protect them, preserve each silver jewelry separately. Do not keep it with other ornaments in a same box. Use different box for different ornament. Jewelry box made of anti tarnishing material are available in the market. They are not at all expensive.

Buy this type of boxes for your silver jewelry to prevent tarnish. Instead of anti tarnishing jewelry box you can also use anti tarnishing paper strips which are more cheap and more easily available in the market. Put one such paper strip in the silver jewelry box to keep your ornament bright and glowing.

Silver generally turns black when it comes in contact of air. So to keep them away from the air you may use separate zip bag for your silver ornament. This plastic vacuum free bag helps to keep your silver ornaments protected from air. Moreover it also protect your silver jewelry from other jewelry.

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Polishing Cloth:

Polishing cloth is an ideal material to bring back the polish of your jewelry. This thing is easily available in the market. You may get it either in jeweler’s shop or in the stationary. This is a special types of cloth treated with chemicals. After every use when you are again going to store them, wipe your jewelry with these types of cloth.

This will help to remove perspiration, dirt and chemicals (used in cosmetics) and will not allow to get accumulated on the ornament and will prevent any type of reaction with silver. To get back the polish and shine of the silver, polishing cloth has no alternative.

Jewelry Cleaning Solution:

There are different types of silver jewelry cleaning solution available in the market. These solutions may bring instant shine but may be harmful in the long run. In spite of that if you want to use that to remove deep rooted tarnish of your silver jewelry, use the best one of the market. Use solution of the reputed brand and do not compromise with prize. You may take others’ opinion if they have used that previously.


Toothpaste is an excellent thing to remove tarnish.  For this purpose use toothpaste that is fluoride or salt free. Rub toothpaste all over the silver jewelry. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it with plain water. Be sure that you have washed out all your toothpaste. You may use soft brush to rub out tooth paste if your jewelry has intricate designs or it is gem studded.

Keep Your Silver Jewelry Away From Chemicals:

In the time of bathing, remove your silver jewelry from your body because chemicals that are used in your soap and shampoo are harmful for silver. It makes silver shine less and black. Wear silver jewelry at last, after completing all types of make up.  It is because your foundation, moisturizer, perfume, etc. contains a great amount of chemicals which are harmful for silver.

After using the perfume, wait for a minute to let your perfume dry. Then wear your silver jewelry. After coming back when you are going to restore it again, do not forget to wash it in plain water to wash out sweat and all the chemicals your cosmetic contains.  Our sweat is also harmful because some of us have very toxic sweat. Sweat contains our body toxin which makes silver tarnish. So washing helps to make jewelry toxic or chemical free.

Use Gloves in the Time of Domestic Work:

Either remove your silver ornaments from your body or wear gloves in the time of domestic work to protect it.  Harsh chemicals that are used in dish washing or in other detergent, remove shine and polish of silver. Silver also looses its moonlight like silvery color in contact of detergent.

In the time of gardening also be careful about those silver ornaments that have fine intricate design and that are gem studded. These types of jewelry get hurt easily. If your gems become loose and come out of the jewelry, it will lose all its charm.

Moreover, if soil and dust enters into the intricate design, it will become almost impossible to clean it out completely. So prevention is better than cure. It is better to keep your silver jewelry away from the dust and soil than to clean it.

Remove Silver Ornaments in the time of Swimming:

In the time of Swimming do not forget to remove your silver ornaments from your body because chlorine, the chemical that is used in the swimming pool water to purify, is harmful for silver. Chlorine will make your silver jewelry black.

When you are getting treatments in a mineral spa, avoid wearing silver ornaments to protect it from getting black. Different minerals that are mixed in the spa water may make your silver black and shine less.

To keep your silver jewelry as it is for a long time is not at all impossible. What you need is little consciousness and information on the cleaning tips of silver material. So enjoy wearing silver jewelry.